Indian Expat Wins 10 Million AED in Big Ticket Raffle

An Indian expat who has been in Dubai for 9 years won the top prize in the recent raffle draw of Big Ticket Abu Dhabi. Britty Markose won the top prize (10 Million AED) with his winning ticket number 208011 in “The Big 10 Draw Series 197” raffle which was announced on Saturday 10am on November 3, 2018 at the Arrivals hall of Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Markose became 10 Million Dirhams richer and he only bought tickets about 3-4 times only.

big ticket abu dhabi britty markose
Big Ticket Abu Dhabi Facebook Page

Britty Markose Wins Grand Prize in Big Ticket Raffle

Below is a statement from Markose posted by the Big Ticket Abu Dhabi official FB page:

“It’s been last 3-4 times I had been purchasing Big Ticket alone and it’s unbelievable and surprising as well but I feel reallyl lucky today. It’s just an awesome and fantastic feeling which I am not able to express but thanks to God and Big Ticket team for helping me to be a millionaire.”, Markose says.

“Big Ticket Buyers, keep trying. I wish you all the very best!!”, Markose also adds

Britty Markose won with Ticket Number: 208011. On another note, Big Ticket Abu Dhabi also raffled a Land Rover vehicle and an Indian won the said prize. Ravi Mada won a Land Rover with Ticket Number: 003200 , India 

big ticket raffle car
Big Ticket Abu Dhabi Facebook Page
Among the 10 winners of this raffle draw series, 9 of them are Indians while 1 is Pakistani. Below is a list of all the winners as well as the prizes they won, their ticket numbers and countries of origin:

  • 1st – AED 10,000,000 – britty markose – Ticket Number 208011 – India
  • 2nd – AED 100,000 – THULASEEDHARAN PILLAI BHASKARAN PILLAI – Ticket Number 037428 – India
  • 3rd – AED 90,000 David Yesudhas – Ticket Number156046 – India
  • 4th – AED 80,000 – Arun Vrundavanam Balakrishnan Nair – Ticket Number 159507 – India
  • 5th – AED 70,000 – Waris Ali Sardar Ali – Ticket Number 051869 – Pakistan
  • 6th – AED 50,000 – Byju mecholil – Ticket Number 089928 – India
  • 7th – AED 30,000 – Sanjay Kisan Fadtary – Ticket Number 172056 – India
  • 8th – AED 20,000 – VALIATHU THOMAS SATHEESH – Ticket Number 142185 – India
  • 9th – AED 10,000 – Arun Vijayan – Ticket Number 099295 – India
  • 10th – AED 10,000 – Joseph Jacob – Ticket Number 129367 – India

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