VIDEO: Emirati Vlogger Khalid Al Ameri Visits Pakistan and Shares the Truth about the Country

In a recent video posted by one of the first recipients of the Dubai Star in 2019, Emirati vlogger Khalid Al Ameri shares his first-hand experience in visiting Pakistan, a place where many people hold negative preconceptions and unfair judgment about.

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Most of the time, we misunderstand other people because we do not know or have any idea of where they come from, what they’ve been through, and know what it’s like to walk in their shoes or to see things the way they do.

Screengrab taken from a video posted by Khalid Al Ameri/Facebook

WATCH: Emirati Vlogger Gives Us A Closer Look at Pakistan

The great thing about life today is that through the power of technology, what seemed to be a thousand miles of difference is now only a small gap in terms of getting an understanding of other people’s way of life and their culture. 

Khalid introduces his video by explaining the meaning of the name of Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, which comes from the words ‘Islam’ (peace) and ‘bad’ (city). So, Islamabad is translated as the City of Islam or the City of Peace. 

And with that, Khalid asked a couple of Pakistani for a word that they would use to describe their people to which they responded with “hospitable”, “welcoming”, “technicolor” (diverse), “beautiful”, and “over-loving”. 

For the people of Pakistan what makes their country unique and beautiful are the people and their kindness. 

Khalid points out in his video that in spite of everything we hear about a certain place or group of people, it’s unfair to hold biases against them if we do not even have any first-hand experience to verify these preconceptions. 

Next, Khalid shows us a closer look at life in Islamabad. He touches on some of the things that people need to appreciate in Pakistan such as their food, art, and architecture, among others.

Aside from modern-day Islamabad, Khalid also took the chance to explore the country’s natural surroundings and loaded lots of those aerial shots which show the natural wonders and wildlife in the country.

Though it was fun seeing him enjoy as he talk with the people, try awesome food (Pakistani kebab and karak! ), and explore the beautiful sceneries Pakistan has to offer, Khalid also did not fail to mention why the country is unique and beautiful in itself, and that is because of the people and how much they have built and sacrificed for the country to achieve a better and brighter tomorrow.

Check out the full video clip of Khalid Al Ameri’s trip to Pakistan here:


I have fallen in love with Pakistan and its incredible people, this is why…One of the greatest lessons I have learned from this trip is don't always believe what the media tells you about a country or a community, visit for yourself, see for yourself and more often than not you will be surprised by the kindness, beauty and hospitality you will experience.Pakistan Zindabad, much love and God bless.Instagram: @khalidalameri Group: Khalid's World GroupMusic by Ikson & CelDro Music

Posted by Khalid Al Ameri on Wednesday, January 15, 2020

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