Life of an OFW Under Lockdown in UAE

Lockdown has changed the lives of many people all around the world. We simply cannot continue living the way we used to during these new and currently unavoidable circumstances.

What is the situation like for OFWs in UAE during the lockdown? Are they safe? What are their daily activities? These and many other questions are answered by our co-Filipinos who shared their experiences through YouTube.

Disclaimer: The information posted here is based on the experience shared by an OFW in the video below. Any of these information may change without prior notice. Please let this post serve as a guide only.

ofw lockdown

How OFWs in UAE are Coping With the Lock down Efforts of the Government

Staying Safe and Secure Inside a Compound

Basyo TV shows that several OFWs are doing quite well inside a compound where several workers of various nationalities are staying.

Gates Closed

Because of the lockdown, the workers are not allowed to leave the compound and the gates are locked for safety purposes.

Basyo TV mentioned that the company he worked in implemented a lock down earlier than UAE, knowing it had to keep its employees from leaving their houses for quarantine and social distancing to stop spreading the virus.

Activities Inside the Compound

So what kind of activities can the workers do while stuck inside the compound?

The following are some of the things they could do:

  • Walking and Jogging – the compound is spacious enough so its workers can walk around and jog for exercises, or if they’re feeling bored inside their homes.
  • Playing sports – sports activities are limited to the following: open field sports like volleyball, table tennis, basketball, and soccer.
  • Spending time at home – Each worker has their own home. In this video, Basyo TV lives with his wife and, while small, they have all the amenities they need; appliances, bed, living and office space, and internet connectivity
  • Cafeteria – the company has also ensured the workers are fed well and they have a spacious cafeteria where they are served meals and snack throughout the day

There are other amenities that are closed for social distancing purposes. These include a gymnasium where they normally could work out, and limited use of the basketball court.

Lockdown Lifted

Just a few weeks ago, Basyo TV shared that the lockdown was lifted and they are now able to go outside of their compound. He shares the following experiences of finally being able to go outside after 40 to 45 days inside the gates.

Steps Before Going Outside the Gates

  • Secure a quarantine pass at the compound office
  • Read the restrictions written on the pass about what and what not to do outside.
  • Have your temperature checked near the security office.
  • Show the quarantine pass to the security guards.
  • Wear mask and gloves on both hands – penalty for not complying is 2,500 AED, which is equivalent to around 34,500 PhP.

In the video posted by Basyo TV, the OFW and his Indian friend went to the mall which is just 5 minutes away from their residence. They shared the following tips while staying outside:

Things to Remember While Outside

  • Bring company ID, emirates ID – In cases you get interrogated by the police, these will help show identification.
  • Only be outside for a maximum of 3 hours
  • Only go outside once in a day.
  • While checking out the goods bought in the mall, it is better to pay using card versus actual money.

Reentering the Compound

Upon reentering the compound, they went through the following protocol:

  • Goods bought from the mall were sanitized by spraying
  • The shoes were sprayed as well
  • They also received a temperature check.
  • Mask and gloves were thrown away.
  • Took a 10 minute rest, then took a bath and changed clothes.

There you have it. While there is no vaccine and medicine yet, the experiences illustrated in this article are what many of us will call the New Normal. Compliance is important to stop the spread of the virus.