List of Western Union Locations in UAE

Western Union is a popular choice for Filipinos in the UAE because it offers fast, reliable, and convenient money transfer services. Sending money home to family and friends is quick and easy, By just visiting …


6 Things to Do at Al Hayer Forest in Dubai

Things to Do at Al Hayer Forest in Dubai

When most people hear about Dubai, towering skyscrapers and ultra-modern architecture are usually the things that come to mind. But Dubai is not just all about man-made marvels; it has plenty of natural wonders as …


12 Best Things to Do in Downtown Dubai

things to do downtown dubai

Towering skyscrapers, world-class facilities, and stunning attractions — all of these can be found in the emirate of Dubai. If you are a first-time visitor, or if you are planning on coming here anytime soon, …


14 Best Street Food to Try in Dubai

Best Street Food to Try in Dubai

Just as Dubai is a “melting pot” of different cultures and nationalities, it is also a place where you can find a wide variety of cuisines. Even the street food is a mix of Middle …


List of Digital Wallets in the UAE

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Digital wallets have been around for quite some time, although they have definitely become more common these days, as a result of the pandemic. Since many people are staying at home and limiting their outside …


9 Best Bicycle Shops in Dubai

Best Bicycle Shops in Dubai

More and more people are cycling in Dubai these days. Cycling is a great way to stay in shape, and it helps you to save on transportation costs, too. It is also an environment-friendly activity …