Man Who Buys Fake Passport for AED 13,000 Arrested in Dubai Airport

A 25-year-old Arab visitor was arrested at the Dubai International Airport (DXB) and is now facing trial for forging government official seals and attempting to board a Europe-bound flight using a fake European Union (EU) passport last January.

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An airport security coordinator discovered that the traveler’s boarding pass was null and void.

Man Who Buys Fake Passport for AED 13,000 Arrested in Dubai Airport

Arab Expat Who Buys Fake Passport for AED 13,000 Caught in Dubai Airport

According to authorities, the man was holding a fake EU passport, which grants access to a person to enter European countries without a visa, the Khaleej Times.

At first, the accused claimed innocence but later admitted to his crime during an interrogation by the Dubai Police.

He admitted to the police that he had bought the fake EU passport from an Asian friend of his for 3,000 euros (nearly AED 13,000) during her visit to Dubai on a tourist visa last year.

According to UAE laws, for forging passports and making fake visas, a person could face imprisonment. This could be from three months to a year or more of imprisonment. Moreover, the accused will be deported after imprisonment. A black mark on their visa status will affect their visa possibilities anywhere else.

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