Man Sentenced to 6 Months in Jail for Slapping Paramedic, Causing Permanent Hearing Damage

In Dubai, a man was sentenced to six months in prison for attacking a paramedic and causing irreversible damage to her ears.

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According to a Public Prosecutor at the Dubai Criminal Court, the accused claimed the nursing staff was responsible for his father’s death.

Man Sentenced to 6 Months in Jail for Slapping Paramedic, Causing Permanent Hearing Damage

Man Jailed for 6 Months for Slapping Paramedic, Causing Permanent Hearing Damage

According to the victim, the assault occurred while she was on duty at a government hospital.

The GCC national asked if she was a member of the team that carried a specific patient. He slapped her after she confirmed his suspicions. Since then, the paramedic has had hearing problems.

The man apparently stated that he was in shock on the day of the incident after learning of his father’s death as a result of a neck injury.

He went to the hospital and slapped the victim when his sister informed him that the paramedics had bungled his father’s transfer.

According to forensic investigations, the victim has a small loss of hearing in her left ear and suffers from tinnitus, which is considered a lifelong handicap that affects roughly 2% of the population.

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