How Much Does a Nurse in Dubai Earn? Nurse Salary and Other Questions Answered

There’s been a boom in the nursing industry especially when the demand for nurses overseas has increased in the previous years. So in case you are wondering how much is the actual salary of a nurse or how much this profession can earn if they work in a Middle East country such as the United Arab Emirates, you can check the video below for more information.

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Filipino nurses who want to work in Dubai for several reasons. One is the lucrative and tax-free salary. Another reason is the generous employment benefits that OFWs, or other expat nurses receive. Many nurses receive housing allowance, if not free accommodation. This healthcare profession, the same as other regular jobs, also have get roundtrip tickets going back to the Philippines or to your home country and returning back to UAE.

Disclaimer: The information posted here is based on the experience shared by an OFW in the video below. Any of these information may change without prior notice. Please let this post serve as a guide only, but if you have specific questions, it is best to check with the concerned authorities for clarifications and updated information.

salary of nurse in uae

Salary of Nurses and Important Things to Know when Working as a Nurse in the UAE

So how much it the actual nurse salary in UAE? Today we share a video of BD Lara, an OFW nurse in Dubai. He shares about his experiences as a health professional, including his salary after working for four years in UAE and currently assigned as a dental nurse. Check out his video below:

How Much do Nurses Earn in Dubai?

The answer to that question depends on which nurse we are referring to. Based on BD Lara’s statement, these are the following estimated salaries:

  • Homecare Nurse – A Homecare earns about 5,000 AED to 7,000 AED, which is equivalent to 70,000 to 100,000 Philippine Pesos.
  • Hotel Nurse – If you are a Hotel Nurse, you can earn around 3,500 AED – 5,000 AED, which is 50,000 PhP to 70,000 PhP.
  • School Nurse – As a school nurse, you can earn the same rate as a homecare nurse at 5,000 – 7,000 AED.
  • Dental Nurse – A dental nurse can earn between 4,000 AED to 6,000 AED, or 46,000 to 85,000 PhP monthly.
  • Aesthetic Nurse – Aesthetic Nurses earn a lot; around 7,000 AED to 9,000 AED, which is equivalent to 100,000 PhP to 127,000 PhP per month.
  • Government Nurse – Government nurses earn even more, with 10,000 AED and over, equivalent to 140,000 PhP and above.

There may be taxes in Dubai, but the income of an employee is not taxed.

How to go to Dubai?

The OFW shared that in order be able to come to Dubai, you have three options:

  1. First, you can have a sponsor. A sponsor can be a relative that is living in Dubai. It could also be your immediate family member, your mother or father, in Dubai. If this is the case, then you can go to Dubai through sponsorship.
  2. Second, you can go to Dubai through an agency. With an agency, what typically happens is that you get directly hired in Dubai. Most government hospitals in Dubai hire nurses in the Philippines through an agency. This is the safest and best option.
  3. Third, you can visit Dubai through a tourist or visit visa. If an opportunity arises and you get hired, you can switch to an employment visa. Take note, that this 3rd option is a risky one because technically, you are not allowed to search for a job using a tourist visa/visit visa and you are not allowed to work while on a tourist visa.

Can You Go to Dubai Without a Nursing License?

Yes you can. However, with a license, you have an edge when applying to work as a nurse in any healthcare facility in Dubai.

Dubai has four health licensing bodies:

  1. Dubai Health Authority
  2. Dubai Healthcare City
  3. Ministry of Health and Prevention, and
  4. Department of Health.

What if I don’t have a nursing license?

If you don’t have a license, you can still work but as an assistant nurse.

Some of those who are Nursing graduates in the Philippines but don’t have a license yet get jobs outside their degree, like sales and office jobs, etc.

It should be regarded as common sense that certain jobs can require certain degrees and educational requirements

How Can You Get a License While in UAE?

To get a license, you must first have lots of experience. Around two to three years of experience in the Philippines will do.

How Hard is it to Work as a Homecare Nurse?

It depends on the patient, some are easy to handle, while others already have multiple complications so you need to be very careful to try to keep the patient healthy for as long as possible.

When you’re a homecare nurse, you’re alone with the patient and with the family of the patient. As such, you need to know how to get along with other members of the family.

Indeed, working as a nurse in Dubai is one of the more lucrative and rewarding jobs you can have. If you have the right qualifications, this career is something you should definitely consider pursuing.

Note: If you have specific questions, please visit the YouTube Channel of BD Lara.