Man kills wife and 2 daughters in UAE apartment

Ajman Police found the dead bodies of an Asian mother and her 2 daughters in an apartment in Rashidiya, Ajman. According to the Ajman Police, the investigations reveal that they were murdered after being beaten and strangled using a cloth. The father, believed to be the primary suspect, has fled the UAE.

The mother was 32 years old, and her daughters were 16 and 13. More details below:

ajman crime scene man kills wife daughters
Images: Ajman Police

Ajman Police investigates the death of a mother and two daughters in Ajman

Ajman Police General Command is investigating the circumstances of finding a deceased mother and two daughters of Asian nationality in their apartment in Al Rashidiya, Ajman.

In detail, His Excellency Brigadier General Abdullah Ahmad Al-Hamrani, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Ajman Police, stated that a call was received from the mother of the victim to the city’s police station, around 4 pm on Friday, in which she expressed her concern about the absence of her daughter and granddaughters and their lack of response despite being in their apartment in one of the towers Residential with a break in contact with them.

Immediately, the necessary legal action was taken and an order was issued by the Public Prosecution to open and enter the apartment in the presence of the police, the crime scene and the National Ambulance, where the child (mm) was seen at the age of three, and the mother (S.M.) 32 years old was found dead in her room Also, the 16-year-old girl, and her 13-year-old sister, were found dead, each in a separate room.

With the examination of the forensic doctor, it was found that the mother and her two daughters died as a result of being strangled by a piece of cloth tied to their necks for nearly 12 hours. They showed signs of assault as a result of beating and resisting the strangulation.

His Excellency Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Ajman Police pointed out that the families of the victim reported the existence of family disputes between the alleged offender (GTA), 35, an Asian national and his wife, which raised himself hatred and hatred, as well as his exposure to psychological disorders and sometimes nervous breakdowns.

His Excellency added that the search and investigation revealed that the perpetrator had planned in advance of the killing, as he had booked a plane ticket to his country days before the crime was committed, and took his seven-year-old son (R.M.) to the home of the victim, and after committing the crime he closed the apartment To ensure that the police are not notified before he escapes, took a taxi heading to a state airport to return to his homeland, adding that Ajman police received the report from the wife’s mother 11 hours after the perpetrator traveled.

Lt. Col. Ahmed Saeed Al-Nuaimi, Director of the Department of Criminal Investigation and Investigation, said that the search and investigation process revealed the circumstances of the case, the defendant’s information and his travel information within an hour only after the death of the victims was discovered, and that Ajman police, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, started its procedures in coordination with the International Interpol to track, arrest and bring him from his country to obtain His punishment according to the law, and his happiness conveyed my condolences to the families of the victim, expressing his regret for this crime, calling the deceased with mercy and forgiveness.

His Excellency called on the public not to hesitate to report any person who is trying to commit any crime or other violation punishable by law, stressing that the Ajman clause will be on the lookout and will deal with all packages with everyone who thinks that tampering with the homeland security and the safety of citizens and residents.

man kills daughters wife
Image: Ajman Police
man uae kills wife 2 daughters
Image: Ajman Police