Mobile Phone Monthly Installment UAE Without a Credit Card 2023

When buying items on an installment basis, one of the most common requirements is a credit card. However, not everyone has (or prefers to have) a credit card. Is there a way for them to purchase things on installment? The answer is a resounding yes! Nowadays, the “buy now, pay later” trend has emerged in the UAE. Through this scheme, customers can buy various items — clothes, furniture, mobile phones, appliances, and more — without having to pay the full amount upfront. The interest rates are not high, and there are a number of installment options available. Let’s take a closer look at this shopping trend!

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Opting for installment purchases without a credit card in Dubai can be a smart decision for several reasons. It allows consumers to acquire products or services immediately, but pay for them over a set period of time, making large purchases more manageable. Moreover, it can be a useful option for those who don’t have a credit card or prefer not to use one. It also reduces the risk of accumulating high-interest debt associated with credit card use. Many retailers and service providers in Dubai offer such plans, making it a convenient and accessible choice for shoppers.

How to Apply for Monthly Installment Mobile Phone in UAE Without a Credit Card

Buying a Mobile Phone on Installment Without a Credit Card

Currently, there are several “fintech” startups that offer “buy now, pay later” schemes in the UAE. Among these are Cashew, Postpay, Spotii, Tabby, and Tamara. Below is a brief overview of each service, including eligibility requirements, installment options, and retail partners.

A. Cashew

Cashew allows customers to sign up in-store and online, check out their items, and get approval without too much hassle. It has more than 20 local as well as international brand partners, such as Afaq Centre, Arabian Oud, Avioni Home, A to Z Furniture, Eye Fashion Optics, Morgan, Designitch, OMG Auto Repairs, Optic One Opticals, Peak Fitness, and The Design House.

Meanwhile, Cashew’s electronics partner brands include Berry, Cliff, Datcart, Harman House, iStyle, MDS Mobile, Menakart,  Quick Tech, and Sharaf DG.


To be eligible for using Cashew, a customer has to:

  • Be 21 years old or above;
  • Have a valid Emirates ID;
  • Have a valid email address;
  • Have a valid UAE phone number; and
  • Have a debit card or credit card issued in the UAE.

Installment Options

Cashew offers the “delay” or “divide” options. The first option enables customers to buy an item and make payments over a 14-day period. Meanwhile, the second option allows buyers to divide the cost of their order into three (3) equal monthly installments.

To learn more about Cashew, please visit its official website. You can also call them at +971 4 561 6811 or send an email to

B. Postpay

Postpay is a service that offers zero interest rate, and no transaction fees, either! Its partners include over 20 local and international brands, including fashion, sports apparel, electronics, home furniture, and more. Among these brands are Al Qudra Sports, American Eagle, Asghar Furniture, Dubai Audio, Eggs & Soldiers, Gulf Optic, Home and Soul, Kcal, La Maison, Perfect Balance, Squat Wolf, The Giving Movement, The Skin Institute, Victoria’s Secret, and XDubai.


If you want to use Postpay, you must:

  • Be 18 years old or above;
  • Have a valid Emirates ID card;
  • Have a UAE mobile number; and
  • Have a debit card or credit card.

Installment Options

Postpay provides several installment options, depending on the seller. These include:

  • Diving payments into two (2) — one half paid on the day of purchase, and the other half to be paid on the following month; and
  • Four (4) installments — paid every two weeks or monthly, with no interest.

For more details about Postpay, please visit its official website. For inquiries, you may also contact them by calling +971 4 215 6555, or by sending an email to

C. Spotii

Among Spotii’s partners are brands such as Ajmal Perfumes, Gold Zone, Laflor Store, Ounass, Shein, Time House, The People of Sand, and The Plush Posh. Electronic partner brands include Alataff Electro, Arabian Shoppe Portal, Asus, Britstar Mobiles, Datcart,, IX Gamers, Jumbo Electronics, LetsTango, Revibe, Sharaf DG, Simplyfy, Tecdeal, Trendizmo, and WafiApps.

Notably, the term “Spotii” comes from the expression “spot me,” which is slang for “lend me.” How cool is that?!


To qualify as a Spotii user, you must:

  • Be 18 years old or above;
  • Have a valid UAE phone number; and
  • Have a valid email address.

Installment Options

When it comes to payments, Spotii users can opt to pay for their items in four (4) installments. These are interest-free, and the first installment should be paid right away.

For more details about Spotii, you can visit its official website. You can also contact them by dialing +971 4 275 3550.

D. Tabby

With your mobile phone number and email address, you can buy items and pay in installments by using Tabby. This service has more than 20 e-commerce partners, such as Abdul Samad Al Qurashi,, and Apparel Group, which happens to own Aldo and Tommy Hilfiger.

When it comes to electronics, Tabby’s partner brands include Afra UAE, Audio Shop, Digitech, Exphone, Fonezone AE, Harman House, HiPhone Telecom, Hi Smart, Huawei, Sage Appliances, Sharaf DG, Shopkees, Teckzu, and USBS.


In order to qualify for Tabby, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old and above;
  • Be a UAE resident; and
  • Have a good credit history.

Installment Options

Tabby offers these installment options:

  • Make four (4) payments over two (2) months; or
  • Make three (3) installments over three (3) months.

For more details about Tabby, please visit its official website.

E. Tamara

Another service that provides “buy now, pay later” options is Tamara. Its partner stores include apparel brands, beauty brands, accessories, electronics brands, and more. Among these are Afra Electronics, Diesel, Go Dukkan Electronics, Guess, Lacoste, L’occitane, Mobile Outfitters, Nokttain Electronics, Popsy Electronics, Puma, Shein, Tory Burch, and XR360 Electronics.

According to its website, the ultimate goal of Tamara is “to give everyone the chance to shop without worrying about big payments, hidden fees, or interest.”


You are eligible to use Tamara if you are:

  • 18 years old or older; and
  • A legal citizen or resident of the UAE, Saudi Arabia, or Kuwait.

Installment Options

Tamara offers a couple of installment options to customers:

  • Make three (3) payments over 60 days; or
  • Make full payment after 30 days, without incurring any costs.

To know more about Tamara, please visit its official website.

How to Apply for Monthly Installment Mobile Phone in UAE Without a Credit Card


Buying items like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, home furniture, appliances, exercise equipment, and other products can be quite heavy on the pocket. Fortunately, through schemes such as “buy now, pay later,” you can pay on an installment basis, thus allowing you to manage your budget better.

Using the above mentioned services, purchasing a mobile phone and other items on installment is easy, and you don’t even need to show a credit card! And speaking of mobile phones, check out this guide to setting up your mobile phone and data package in Dubai.