OFW Information Sheet: OWWA Membership Form

When renewing an OWWA membership, Overseas Filipino Workers need to complete the OWWA Membership Form, also known as the OFW Information Sheet. This application form is a requirement for maintaining an active OWWA account. It’s important to understand the advantage of having an OFW info sheet, especially if you want to benefit from the programs and services offered by OWWA.

Whether you’re planning to work as an OFW in the UAE or already working abroad, you should be familiar with the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration as this government agency protects and promotes the overall welfare of all OFWs around the world. The main purpose is to provide social support, legal assistance, and financial assistance to OFWs and their families in the Philippines.

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What Is the OFW Information Sheet?

The OFW Information Sheet or OWWA Membership Form is a prerequisite to the availment of OWWA programs, services, and benefits. Every Filipino migrant worker must be registered with OWWA in order to get protection for their rights and welfare while working abroad. Therefore, the first step to avail of the OWWA benefits is to apply and fill out the membership form.

Moreover, the OWWA Information Sheet for OFWs is a document that includes the OFW’s personal details, beneficiary information, and employment contract details. When applying for OWWA membership, the application is done at the POEA office while also processing your employment contract. However, you can also apply on-site if you’re already working abroad.

Benefits of the OFW Information Sheet

The benefit of registering as an active member of OWWA is that you are entitled to the programs and services offered to OFWs across the globe. The OFW Information Sheet allows you to apply and claim OWWA benefits depending on the exact service you need. More importantly, the OWWA Membership Form makes you a documented OFW which means you are a legal migrant worker.

Requirements for OWWA Membership Application

If you want to become an OWWA member, there are some qualifications you need to meet including the following:

  • Must be of legal age, first-time applicants should be gainfully employed
  • With expired OWWA membership and needs to be renewed for continuing members
  • Permanent or valid resident overseas, but remains a Filipino citizen OFW Information Sheet Download OWWA Membership Form
  • Haven’t been documented by the POEA upon departure, but legally employed abroad

In addition to these qualifications, here are the requirements you need to secure:

  • Duly accomplished OFW application form for OWWA
  • Photocopy of valid passport with personal details and a picture
  • An employment contract or other proof of employment

OFWs who need to renew their OWWA membership and first-time applicants are required to fill out the OFW Information Sheet because it’s one of the requirements in the application. Without completing this form, your membership application won’t be processed by OWWA and you won’t be eligible for some services and programs provided by the agency.

Perhaps, you’re thinking about the information you need to provide in the OFW Information Sheet. The details required in the sheet include personal data, beneficiary information, and contract details. Under the personal data category, you need to provide your name, home address, passport number, email address, and contact number. Also, you need to provide your civil status, gender, birth date, course, and highest educational attainment.

For the contract details, you need to provide your employer’s name, telephone number, company address, and host country or job site. In this portion, you also need to fill out the job position, agency name, contract duration, monthly salary, and currency. In terms of the beneficiary information, you will need to list down your legal beneficiaries or dependents. Each dependent should have their complete name, email address, contact number, birth date, and relationship to you.

How to Get an Online Copy of the OFW Information Sheet

If you want to download the OWWA Membership Form or OFW Information Sheet online, you can obtain a copy via the official OWWA website.

On another note, you can get a copy of this form here – https://owwa.gov.ph/images/downloads/OWWA-OFW-INFORMATION-SHEET.pdf.

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Video: How to Fill Up Information Sheet & Renewal Form / Tutorial

In this video, you will get a step-by-step guide on how to fill up the form as well as tips for renewing your OWWA membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

So you want to know more about this form, here are frequently asked questions and the answers:

1. Where can I download the OFW Information Sheet PDF File?

To download the OFW Information Sheet online, just visit this link https://owwa.gov.ph/images/downloads/OWWA-OFW-INFORMATION-SHEET.pdf.

2. Is the OWWA Membership Form for free?

Yes, the OWWA Membership Form or OFW Information Sheet is free of charge. Whether you get a copy from the nearest OWWA office in your area or through the website, you don’t need to pay anything to get the form.

3. What are the steps in renewing OWWA membership?

For expired OWWA memberships, it’s easy to process the renewal. Visit the nearest OWWA location or the POLO office to renew your membership. You can also apply online via the website while a family member will pay for your membership fee in the Philippines.

4. What do I need to submit to renew my OWWA membership?

The requirements you need to secure and submit for membership renewal include the duly accomplished OFW Information Sheet; work permit, company ID, job contract, or other proof of employment; and photocopy of your passport including your personal details and photo.

5. How do I know if I’m qualified to apply for OWWA membership?

If you’re an active OFW working abroad, you are encouraged to become an OWWA member to enjoy the benefits and programs of OWWA. On the other hand, you can’t apply if you are terminated or subject to termination, canceled or subject to cancellation, resigned, or no work, no pay.


Now that you are aware of how important the OFW Information Sheet is, you can apply and complete the form to enjoy all the programs and services of OWWA to OFWs. Make sure to provide all accurate information in the OWWA Membership Form to be eligible for the benefits that come with it.