Wanderlust Approved Filipino Movies to Watch for Revenge Travel

Gone are the days that you have to ask yourself when you can travel again especially during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re not familiar with the term revenge travel then let me enlighten you! Revenge travel is a slang term mostly gen Z speak for traveling for pleasure after not being able to do so for a long time when the whole world is on a lockdown.

You don’t have to stay at home and binge watch movies since you can finally check off places in your travel bucket list! However you can still take inspiration from these Filipino movies that feature different cities around the world, you’ll also love their plots and can feel the feels of being an OFW.

Never not love you- London

We know that the loveteam JADINE has broken our hearts when they announced their split amidst the pandemic but fret not since you can still watch them in the Antoinette Jadaone movie, Never not love you where you will see the award winning acting prowess of Nadine Lustre!

 It’s one of the hugot movies that will stick to you since it has a slice of life scenes every dreamer and OFWs in a long distance relationship can relate to. The story revolves around two young lovers, Joan who came from the province working in Makati city in brand marketing, and Gio, a free spirited freelance artist who had an opportunity to work in London.

The film revolves around how will their love survive if life and opportunities are pulling them in different directions? The scenes in Makati will make you miss home but upon seeing the tourist spots in London from the movie that will make you want to book your ticket ASAP!


Hello Love Goodbye- Hongkong


Hello, Love, Goodbye is a blockbuster for a reason! You’ll see how refreshing it is to see Kathryn Bernardo being teamed up with Alden Richards in this movie and see life working as a domestic helper. You’ll see the beauty Hong Kong has and since it’s 2 hours away from Manila, why don’t you book a vacation there or when you’re going back to the Philippines, take advantage of the long connecting flight when you’re in Hong Kong to explore?

Prepare your tissues since the story of this film will make you cry!  It’s about Joy Fabregas ( Kathryn), a hard-working Filipina abroad, and Ethan Del Rosario ( Alden), a bartender, are depicted in the film as they strive to balance their individual ambitions and their growing romantic feelings for one another in Hong Kong.


Untrue in Georgia

Don’t worry if romcoms are not your thing, you’ll love watching Untrue, a crime-thriller Filipino movie starring Christine Reyes, and Xian Lim! The film has a mind boggling twist and it will keep you at the edge of your seat, but you’ll also enjoy seeing the picturesque places in Georgia and learn about the culture! Most UAE residents are fond of going to Georgia since its near to the gulf country, it only take 3 hours minimum to get to Eastern Europe! If you’re looking for a chilly getaway while you’re still recovering from the intense summers in the UAE then you can head over Georgia!

Untrue is about Mara (Cristine Reyes), a battered wife, goes to the Georgian police for help when her husband, Joachim (Michael Parks), beats her (Xian Lim). The truth, the lies, and the murky backstory will all be exposed in this He-she-said movie.


Malaya – Italy


Ever dream of visiting Italy? Then this Filipino movie will encourage you to put your dream into action! The film is about a woman named Malaya who has immigrated to Italy for better opportunities in which she falls in love with a Filipino man. It stars Lovi Poe and Zanjoe Marudo, who will no doubt move you with their acting prowess!

Brush up on your Italian language skills since you’ll learn a thing or two about the culture, and language in the film. Contrary to popular belief revenge travel is not a bad thing since just like Malaya in the film, its all going on a soul searching journey. You can benefit from revenge travel after staying put and all of our lives was put on hold for 2 years. Its all about being free and being true to who you are!


Finding Agnes in Morocco

Feast your eyes on the beauty of Morocco, if you’re looking for a film that will feature a lot of  tourist spots and take you in for a ride then this is it! The film revolves around a businessman who goes on an emotional trip to Morocco to reconnect with his biological mother and learn more about her tumultuous life and meets her adopted daughter. The film will convince you to add Morocco to your travel goals!


It takes a man and a woman- New York

John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo will make you overload kilig as they return in the movie It takes a man and a woman to rekindle their love as ex-lovers. You’ll see New York in a different light, like it’s not just a concrete jungle for dreamers and doers but a city of love too! You have to watch the A Very Special Love trilogy to catch up on them before watching this! 

 Kita Kita- Japan

Japan has always been a popular tourist destination since only it got everyone captivated by its culture but also gorgeous skylines and calm provinces. If you want to skip the ultra busy cities of Japan then Sapporo, Japan can accommodate you! The heartwarming tandem between Empoy Marquez and Alessandra De Rossi will make you swoon with this film!

You’ll love the beautiful tourist spots in Sapporo, Japan! The film is about Lea (Alessandra De Rossi) who, a Filipino tour guide having witnessed her Japanese fiancé’s infidelity, loses her sight. After some time, fellow Filipino and charmer Tonyo (Empoy) makes an unexpected entrance and quickly becomes close friends with the vision challenged Lea, ultimately leading to romantic feelings between the two.