Sending Insults Even by Phone Could Get Expats Deported from UAE

Foreign nationals planning to work or live here in the UAE should understand certain rules in society, so as not to find themselves in violation of cultural practices and traditions observed by the citizens, especially the locals.

Now when it comes to laws, it is every person’s responsibility to know the law and to abide by it, wherever they may be. As laws become relevant depending on one’s location, it’s important to understand them by heart and to avoid the things which are within our control, and those that could easily get us into trouble.

Sending Insults Even by Phone Could Get Expats Deported from UAE

Asian National to be Deported for Sending Insults on WhatsApp

A foreign Asian national was convicted of sending insulting and threatening messages to a company representative in Ajman, as shared in a report by the Khaleej Times.

As per the victim, the Asian man threatened to kill him via WhatsApp, and added that the accused also made insulting comments against his religion.

The Asian man reportedly sent the messages after the victim refused to sign the man’s incomplete documents.

The accused later on admitted to the charges  and was sentenced to three months in prison, on top of an AED 5,000 fine and immediate deportation after serving his jail time.

As per Article 20 of the UAE Federal Law on Combating Cyber Crimes, slander, using abusive language or insulting another person or entity through the use of a computer network or any means of information technology is a crime punishable by imprisonment, and a fine of not more than AED 500,000, or deportation.

The UAE is celebrating the Year of Tolerance this 2019, and part of its vision is to have a society where people of all colour and culture can live together in peace and harmony, without having to deal with discrimination in all forms. News like this can become a national issue because it goes against the principles observed by the government and its people.