Gov’t to Introduce AI-based Medical Visa Test

Applying for a visa requires one to undergo a series of interviews as well as medical tests. If you are not physically fit to travel, then chances are – you would get denied.

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And while nobody wants the feeling of rejection or getting denied, oftentimes, we get denied when we don’t meet certain requirements. When it comes to medical tests, the requirements are quite straightforward and highly objective. Everything must be within normal parameters to be considered fit for traveling.

Gov’t to Introduce AI-based Medical Visa Test

Getting a Residency Visa Medical Test Just Got More Convenient – Here’s Why

This time, reading the X-ray results of the residency applicants in Dubai will only take a second from three minutes, as explained by health ministry officials, Khaleej Times reported.

A new system to be used for the medical screening of those applying for residency visas will employ Artificial Intelligence (AI), as launched by the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) to be made available across all of its centres soon.

As per Dr. Hussein Abdul Rahman Al Rand, assistant undersecretary for the health centres and clinics sector, there are 900,000 people being medically screened at the centres for residency purposes ever year. The mandatory tests done to applicants include X-ray screening, which aims to determine whether a person has communicable (lung) diseases, and to protect the community against them.

Through the new technology, what was once accomplished by doctors in three minutes, can now be accomplished by machine in one second! Dr. Al Rand noted that a doctor will no longer spend 45,000 hours reading X-rays, as the system has reduced this workload by as much as 93 percent.

The new technology employs AI capabilities in X-ray devices to determine communicable diseases through the X-ray films of a patient.

With the new technology’s high efficiency functions and low costs, it will certainly benefit centres where there are lots of applicants, and it will also reduce government costs allocated to healthcare facilities, medical employees, as well as diagnostic equipment, Dr. Al Rand explained.

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