Top 15 Museums and Festivals in Sharjah for Art and Culture Lovers

Sharjah is often called the cultural heart of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) because it has worked for a long time to protect and promote the country’s cultural history. The city has been named the Cultural Capital of the Arab World by UNESCO. This title shows how rich and varied Sharjah’s culture is. There are many museums, art galleries, and cultural centers in Sharjah that show the past and culture of the country.

The Sharjah Art Museum, the Sharjah Heritage Museum, and the Sharjah Islamic Museum are some of these places. Throughout the year, the city also hosts a number of cultural events and fairs, like the Sharjah International Book Fair, the Sharjah Heritage Days, and the Sharjah Biennial. Here are the reasons why Sharjah is the culture city of the UAE and why artists and other creative people should visit the city.

The city’s strong focus on education also shows how much it cares about culture education. There are a number of universities in Sharjah, such as the University of Sharjah, that teach about history, society, and the arts. There are also a lot of publishing houses and shops in the city, which has a strong literary scene.

1. Sharjah is also known for its efforts to preserve and promote Arabic language and art

The Sharjah Arabic Poetry Festival is held every year in the city, and the Sharjah Award for Arabic Fiction is one of the ways the city promotes Arabic writing. The Sharjah Art Foundation is a group that helps support contemporary art and artists in the area. Sharjah has become a center for modern art because the foundation hosts many exhibitions and events all year long.

2. Sharjah Biennial

Held every two years, the Sharjah Biennial is a worldwide art show. Contemporary art from all over the world is shown at the annual, which draws people from all over the world.

3. Sharjah Writing Museum

The Sharjah Calligraphy Museum is a unique museum that shows off the art of Arabic writing. The museum has a collection of calligraphy from all over the world, and visitors can learn about the art form’s past and culture.

4. Sharjah Heritage Museum

Anyone interested in the history and culture of the UAE should go to the Sharjah Heritage Museum. The museum shows how people used to live in the UAE and the different crafts and businesses that used to be popular there.

5. Al Qasba

It is a complex of theaters, art galleries, and cafes. It is a culture and entertainment center. A canal in the property is a great place for a romantic boat ride.

6. Sharjah Art Museum

One of the biggest art museums in the UAE is the Sharjah Art Museum. The museum has exhibitions all year long that show the work of artists from the Arab world and other places.

7. Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

The Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization is a unique museum that shows the history and culture of Islam. The museum has a collection of Islamic artifacts and teaches people about the faith and how it has affected the area.

8. Sharjah Natural History Museum and Desert Park

Anyone who loves nature should go to the Sharjah Natural History Museum and Desert Park. The Arabian oryx and gazelle are two of the UAE’s native plants and animals that can be found in the park.

9. Sharjah Art Area

The Sharjah Art Area is a place for art shops and studios to gather. The area is a great place to see the work of local artists and buy one-of-a-kind gifts.

10. Sharjah Archaeology Museum

Anyone interested in the history and archaeology of the UAE should go to the Sharjah Archaeology Museum. The museum has a collection of artifacts and relics from the ancient cultures that used to live in the area.

11. Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival

The Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival is a celebration of Islamic art and culture that takes place every year. The art of calligraphy, architecture, and music will be shown at the event through exhibitions, performances, and workshops.

12. Al Majaz Waterfront

Families and couples often go to Al Majaz Waterfront. The waterfront has a lot of restaurants and cafes, as well as a big pond where people like to watch light shows at night.

13. Sharjah Art District

The Sharjah Art District is a lively area where many art shops and studios are located. The neighborhood is a great place to see the work of local artists and go to events and shows.

14. Sharjah International Book Fair

One of the biggest book shows in the world is the Sharjah International Book Fair. Publishers, writers, and book fans from all over the world come to the fair, which has a number of exhibitions and workshops.

15. Sharjah Children’s Museum

It is one of the most-visited places in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. It is a great place for families with kids to go because kids of all ages can learn and have fun at the same time. The main goal of the museum is to help children develop their creativity, imagination, and wonder about the world around them.

The museum has a lot of hands-on exhibits that are meant to teach kids about science, history, and culture while also keeping them entertained. For example, the “Our Body” exhibit lets kids learn about how the human body works, and “The Water World” exhibit shows how important water is and how important it is to save it. Other exhibits include “The Discovery Room,” which has hands-on science projects that help people learn, and “The Kids’ Farm,” which teaches kids about farming. Children can learn about different countries and traditions from all over the world by going to the museum. The “World of Islam” exhibit shows the culture and history of Islam, while “The Life and Times of Pearling” display shows the history of pearl diving in the UAE. The museum also has classes and events like traditional dances and crafts that show off different cultures.

The museum has a variety of educational events that are meant to go along with and add to what kids learn in school. Some of these events are guided tours, workshops, and classes on things like science, art, and history. The museum also has a lot of tools for teachers and students, such as educational materials and online resources.