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Welcome Your Guests with these Eye-Catching Doormats

Right before a visitor steps inside your house, the very first thing they see is your… doormat! The doormat enables people to scrub or wipe their shoes, just before entering your house.

Aside from this purpose, however, the doormat can also be a means to “welcome” your guests in a unique way. Indeed, some words of welcome or an eye-catching image on your doormat is bound to catch your visitors’ attention!


7 Doormats to Welcome Guests to Your Home

There are quite a number of doormats out there, each made of different materials and featuring various designs. We looked around for the most interesting ones, and here is a list of what we’ve found:

1. “Hello” Welcome Doormat


Buy this on Amazon for AED 49.99.

A simple “hello” is usually enough to make anyone feel welcome. Hence, this doormat could be just what you need! Made of rubber material and measuring 45 x 50 cm, this non-slip doormat is always ready to greet your guests!

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2. “You Again?” Doormat


Buy this on Amazon for AED 54.97.

Whether you’re welcoming old friends or new acquaintances, this doormat will definitely catch their attention. Measuring 15.7 x 23.6 inches, it is made of natural rubber and machine washable for easy cleaning. Awesome!

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3. Wave Pattern Doormat


Buy this on Amazon for AED 46.99.

This 45 x 65 cm doormat features a wave pattern that is cool to the eyes! It also has a durable, non-slip backing to keep you and your guests safe. You can use it by the front door, or even in bathrooms and kitchens, too!

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4. “Doorbell Broken” Doormat


Buy this on Amazon for AED 86.99.

No doorbell? No problem. Simply place this by the door and wait for your guests to yell “ding dong,” hehe! Kidding aside, this 40 x 60 cm doormat is made of 100% polyester material, easy to clean and vacuum regularly. Just what you need to welcome your guests!

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5. “Wine” Doormat


Buy this on Amazon for AED 59.99.

Wine lovers will definitely love this one! Made of 100% polyester material, this doormat is machine washable. It’s a good quality 40 x 60 cm doormat, indeed!

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6. Octopus Doormat


Buy this on Amazon for AED 41.68.

Here is one striking doormat that is bound to get everyone’s attention! Made of soft flannel material, it features a non-slip rubber backing for safe usage. This 40 x 60 cm doormat can be placed by the door, in the bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere, really!

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7. “Wipe Your Paws” Doormat


Buy this on Amazon for AED 59.99.

Both humans and pets are gonna love this one! Made of 100% polyester material, this 40 x 60 cm doormat has a non-slip design on the bottom. Practical, entertaining, and easy to clean, too!

Get this Product on Amazon

As you can see, a simple doormat can make a lasting impression on your visitors. With these items, something as trivial as welcoming guests can become an entertaining experience!

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