AED 500 Fine for Spitting Gum on the Road (& Other Rules)

There are things that first-timers should know about living in the UAE, stuff that you can and cannot do. Spitting chewing gum on the road, for example, could cost you a hefty fine.

You can chew bubble gum all you want, just don’t throw it on the road — or else you will have to pay an AED 500 fine! Through a Twitter post, Dubai Municipality reminded everyone about local order No. 11 of 2003, which warns against throwing bubble gum on the road:

Dubai Municipality Warns Against Throwing Gum

Dubai Municipality’s post is part of the agency’s goal to provide a sustainable and clean environment, Khaleej Times reported. It seeks to engage everyone into maintaining public cleanliness and enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the community’s surroundings.

Likewise, Dubai Municipality aims to increase environmental awareness within the community, especially since people of different nationalities and cultures reside in the emirate.

Various Offenses and Fines
Aside from throwing bubble gum on the road, Dubai Municipality implements the following rules (and their corresponding fines):

  • Spitting in a public place — AED 500
  • Throwing waste on the street — AED 500
  • Urinating in places not designated for such purposes — AED 500

Similarly, throwing a cup of tea may cost an AED 500 fine, as this Twitter post shows:

So the next time you chew bubble gum, be sure to dispose of it properly — or you could be slammed with an AED 500 fine! For more information about these rules, check out the Dubai Municipality official website. In addition, take note of these traffic violations and fines in Dubai.