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Following their stint at the Russian space training held at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre, UAE’s Hazza Al Mansouri and Sultan Al Niadi were seen undergoing a high-speed tolerance test, as part of their intensive training in preparation for the space mission to the International Space Station on April 5, 2019.

The high-speed tolerance test (or centrifuge test) is a device used by astronauts and fighter pilots as part of their physical training. The test allows their bodies to adapt to high gravitational forces when their spacecraft manoeuvres or leaves the atmosphere.

WATCH: UAE Astronauts Undergo High-speed Test as Part of Space Training

Image Credit: Hamdan.ae

[VIDEO]: UAE Astronauts Undergo High-Speed Tolerance Training

The machine has a compartment where the subject will be strapped in lying down. The compartment is connected to an arm six feet in diameter, which rotates so fast that it could create gravitational force (g-force) for purposes such as space training.

As the machine spins the subjects at high speed, doctors and trainers monitor the changes happening in the trainees’ bodies, and note how well they are coping with accelerative stress.

Catch the video below:


During the test, the person would feel heavy due to the enhanced effects of the gravitational pull. Those who can’t handle this stress may experience what is called G-LOC or loss of consciousness due to gravity.

In the video posted by the MBR Space Centre, headshots of the two Emirati astronauts show how physically prepared they are for the test. Hazza was calmly regulating his breathing, while Sultan was seen taking the test quite comfortably.

Both Emirati astronauts were from the UAE military, where Hazza worked as a military pilot, and Sultan was a skilled IT specialist.

Screengrab taken from the video posted by MBR Space Centre

Screengrab taken from the video posted by MBR Space Centre

The test is part of the eight-month space training program held in Russia, Europe, and the US.

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