BREAKING: UAE Reopens Borders with Qatar

All land, sea, and air ports between UAE and Qatar will reopen starting January 9, 2020. This announcement was made in a statement issued by the Ministry of Foregin Affairs and International Cooperation as reported by official Emirates News Agency.

His Excellency Khalid Abdullah Belhoul, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, announced that the UAE will begin to end all measures taken against the State of Qatar according to the statement issued on June 5, 2017, following the signing of the “Al-Ula Statement” containing the permanent solidarity agreement, which is considered an achievement. In the Gulf and Arab countries, it strengthens the unity and cohesion of the Gulf, Arab and Islamic ranks.

uae ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation

Reopening of Land, Sea, and Air Ports Between UAE and Qatar

His Excellency said that the UAE will work to reopen all land, sea and air ports for incoming and outgoing movement, and that the relevant authorities in the UAE have been instructed with these measures, which will be activated as of January 9.

His Excellency added that the UAE will work with the State of Qatar to end all other outstanding issues through bilateral talks.

Below is a post from Emirates News Agency regarding this update:


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