UAE New Visa Fees

Below is a list of visa fees that have been announced for the United Arab Emirates. It includes fees for tourist visas, employment visas, residence visa, sponsorship visas, etc. in the UAE.

Please check the information below so you can be guided as to how much is a visa when you stay in Dubai for various reasons. Please do note that these fees may be changed anytime and the fees do not include other processing fees required to get the visa stamp. We just want to help by sharing these details to you.

New UAE visa fees

Note: fees are subject to changes anytime by the government

Employment visa:

  • For government employee – Dh 200 / year
  • For an employee in the private sector / freezone – Dh250 / year

Residence visa for an investor or partner:

  • Dh250 / year

Residence visa for a family member:

  • Family member of a worker employed by the government – Dh 200 / year
  • Family member of a worker employed by a private company / freezone / investors / business partners – Dh250 / year

Renewal of residence visa for a family member:

  • Family member of a worker employed by the government / private sector / freezone – Dh 200
  • Family member of investors / business partners – Dh 250 / year

Visa for domestic workers ( entry permit / renewal):

  • Sponsored by Emiratis / GCC Nationals – Dh 150 / year
  • Sponsored by foreigners – Dh 200 / year
  • Sponsored by investors / business partners – Dh 250 / year

Note: Be advised that there are sponsorship fees and other processing fees not yet included in the above information. Thanks to Grace of for the tip!

Different entry permits:

  • Multiple tourist entry permit – Dh 200
  • Multiple entry visa for work – Dh 1,200
  • Entry permit for studying / training – Dh 550; renewal – Dh 600
  • Visit visa for residents in GCC countries – Dh 200; renewal Dh 700

Visa for medical treatment:

  • Entry permit – Dh 550
  • Multiple entry visa – Dh 1,400
    *same rates apply to the patient & their companion

Renewal of patient’s visa:

  • Dh 500; companion – Dh 600

Transit visa:

  • Dh 100
    * transitting through UAE airports for 96 hours & sponsored by an airline operating in the country

When deposits are required (refundable):

  • Dh 5000 deposit – cancelling the sponsor’s residence visa without cancelling the visas of the sponsor’s family members
  • Dh 3000 – sponsorship of a family member of a female investor
  • Dh 5000 – for humanitarian cases determined by the Ministry of Interior


  • Dh 100 – failing to fill in applications accurately for users of residency department portals
  • Dh 500 – failing to honour any declaration or affidavit (individual)
  • Dh 2000 – failing to honour any declaration or affidavit (corporate applicant)
  • Dh 5000 – misuse of the residency system or submit false reports to the residency department


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