Waitress in Dubai Turned Housewife

Divine (not her real name) graduated as a nurse in the Philippines and practiced her course in a hospital in Manila for some time. She was still single when she explored Dubai and found a job as a waitress in a well-known restaurant.

OFW Waitress in Dubai and Now a Housewife

There were times when she would work more than 10 hours per day, but she was paid overtime for her salary. Still she would get tired because the job was physically demanding. The restaurant was always busy and full, she would have to serve people who would line up because it was THE restaurant at the time.

There were moments when she would cry because of not wanting to work anymore, but here fellow kabayans were there to support each other.

One of the great things about her job is the tip from every customer. Tips are generous in the Food and Beverage industry despite the salary not being very high. She said that sometimes she would just rely on the tips so she can save money because her salary at the time was really not big.

After finishing her Limited Contract, she converted to Islam, married an Egyptian, and has been a housewife ever since. This Pinay has lived in Dubai for 16 years. She has 3 wonderful boys and has adjusted to the life in the desert.

She said that it’s only at the beginning when you would have to work hard especially when your job is not related to the skills you have acquired in college to gain experience.

Thoughts from this story:

  • In Dubai, if you are in a job field that’s not related to your college course, you may have difficulty when it comes to negotiating your salary.
  • The Food & Beverage and Hotel & Restaurant Industry is a place where you can work where you can get tips from customers. If you work in a hotel, most likely you will have accommodation and transportation provided by your company.

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