42nd UAE National Day on December 2

Can you believe that the United Arab Emirates is only 42 years old? This December 2, we will be celebrating the UAE National Day in Dubai. I can see so many buildings decorated with UAE flags. Mall shops, cars, offices, banks, etc. the UAE flag is present in different places.

UAE colors
UAE color and memorabilia for the National Day on Dec. 2, 2013.

Some are really huge that they would cover one side of the house! Saw these houses with flags along the Jumeirah beach area. I can sense how proud the locals are and even other residences because of the flag displays.

UAE national day flags
UAE pride

From bare sand to a cosmopolitan city built in a short span of time. Truly there’s so many things in store for this city. It amazes me how this place was created and how resources were utilized to focus on other businesses that will keep the city alive for the next years. Businesses and establishments, the tourism industry, and creating a hub for expats to stay and work – I can only imagine the developments in the next couple of years.

So I’ll say Congrats to the UAE for a prosperous 42 years!

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