Dubai Gearing for 2020 Expo Bidding Win

Dubai is gearing up for the announcement of the 2020 EXPO bidding winner. By November 27, 2013, it will be determined who will be hosting the biggest cultural event in the world.

Now what is the Expo 2020? This was a question I asked before as I was not aware of it until I arrived in the United Arab Emirates and a lot of signboards and advertisements were present in every nook and corner of Dubai city. Plastered on giant billboards, banners on the streets, airports, cars, malls, offices, buildings, newspapers and print ads, metro stations, everywhere!

dubai expo

The people of Dubai are in celebration as if we’ve already won the bidding. To think that there are other countries who are also participating in this bidding occasion.

I have not seen how other cities vying for the spot have prepared for this event, but in my opinion, Dubai has brought out a lot of stops to claim the victory to host this prestigious occasion. Also, Dubai is capable of hosting it with high-tech infrastructures and ongoing developments to WOW the rest of the world!

This makes me excited knowing that there are going to be lots of opportunities again for Dubai, especially when it comes to the workforce industry. By 2020, although prices will increase, jobs will also be aplenty. Given that I’ve only been here for almost a year, if I’m still here during the EXPO, I will I have established a great network by then. I will also have established a stable work profile to get me a good-paying job that will help myself and my family. It’s one of the dreams I’m building on which is why I’m here.

dubai ofw
Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel
view taken from Wild Wadi Resort

I’m going off topic now. In two days, the decision will be made, and everyone in Dubai is anticipating for it to host the World Expo 2020 event!

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