Abu Dhabi Introduces Tourism Safety Campaign

The Abu Dhabi Police (ADP) announced a new campaign known as ‘Seyahati Aaminah’ or ‘My Tourism is Safe’ to ascertain the sustainability of the tourism sector and to guarantee visitor happiness and satisfaction, as well as to promote tourism security in Abu Dhabi, as shared in a report by WAM.

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According to the Director of the Criminal Investigations Department of the Criminal Security Sector, Colonel Imran Ahmed Al Mazroui, the campaign touches on the importance of enriching the experience of tourists by means of providing a complete package of police services, as well as by increasing the presence of tourism police patrol in major areas in the city.


Abu Dhabi Police Launches New Tourism Safety Campaign

Among the supplementary services which the ADP is keen to provide include immediate security response, hospitality and warm service, as well as other security, community, ambulance, surveillance, and protection-related services.

Al Mazroui emphasized that the campaign will be available in printed guides in a variety of languages, including English, French, Chinese, and Urdu to explain current laws and regulations, as well as to raise awareness on the UAE’s culture and traditions. The guide will also provide emergency numbers, cultural destinations, and tourism resorts, along with guidelines on how to best enjoy the country’s tourist attractions, Al Mazroui shared.

In line with this, Al Mazroui pointed out that tourism security has gained significant attention and priority in the UAE, particularly in Abu Dhabi, citing the ADP’s efforts to establish temporary and permanent tourism police offices.

With the new campaign in full blast, the Abu Dhabi Police urge tourists to follow the country’s rules and regulations, observe local customs, avoid incorrect behaviour, and consider the feelings of families, while wishing them a great experience in the country.

The Aman Phone Service (8002626) is available 24/7 to receive information and reports through its high-tech system and advanced database. This information channel will support security teams to provide immediate responses to critical events or incidences.

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