CEO of Al Fardan Exchange Pays AED 57,000 (PHP 750,000) Hospital Bill of Filipino Couple

As a fellow OFW in Dubai, we want to thank Mr. Hasan Fardan Alfardan, CEO Al Fardan Group, for shouldering the costs of the hospital bill of a kabayan couple. We would also like to thank The National News for running this story that has helped in spreading the news about the problem that the Pinoy couple faced. Lastly, we would like to thank all the people who have helped the couple. By the way, we are not related with this couple. As a Filipino, we learned about this story and shared it on social media hoping that some form of assistance can be done to kind souls. This update is definitely worth sharing. 

A Filipino couple based in Dubai felt extremely relieved after a good-hearted Dubai-based businessman helped them shoulder AED 57,000 (Php 750,000) worth of hospital bill for the treatment of their premature-born twins.

Any parent can relate to the feeling of anxiety and stress, just by knowing that their child is sick or in the hospital. But to deal with financial stress is another thing.

Dubai Businessman Pays AED 57,000 (PHP 750,000) Hospital Bill of Filipino Couple’s Twins
Screengrab of a video posted by The National

Dubai Businessman Helps Filipino Couple Pay Off Hospital Bill Worth AED 57,000 (PHP 750,000) for Premature Newborn Twins

And knowing what the couple is going through, the chief executive of Al Fardan Exchange, Hassan Fardan Al Fardan, responded to the couple’s plea for help, the National reported.

John and Monica Tubo brought their twins to NMC Royal Hospital for treatment. However, Monica had already maxed out her annual health insurance allowance of AED 150,000 for the twin’s treatment.

Their salaries, on the other hand, would not meet the amount needed for the treatment of the twins. John works as a salon cleaner while Monica is a nanny in Dubai.

Check out the video below from The National:

Upon knowing what the kind-hearted businessman decided to do for them, Monica could not help but express her gratitude and delight. She shared that the donation could not have come to them at a better time.

We are over the moon. I couldn’t believe it when I found out the bill had been paid,” Monica said. “My husband and I were crying tears of joy when we found out.

It is amazing that people were able to help us. We didn’t expect it at all.”

For his part, Al Fardan said, “The most enlightening experience is that of giving back to the communities we serve and kindness is a language that the Al Fardan family understands.”

As a family and a business, we feel the sense of responsibility for constructive involvement in our diverse communities within the UAE. Most importantly, we are happy to know that Monica and her newborns are safe and healthy,” the Dubai CEO shared.

Aside from the help of the generous businessman, the couple also received help from the Filipino community in the emirate who handed out in-kind donations such as groceries and diapers.

Monica will also now be able to get her passport back, which she used as a guarantee to pay the hospital bill.

The bill would have been higher if not for an AED 20,000 discount offered by the hospital.

Meanwhile, as per rules governing donations, members of the public can help the couple pay off the bill, as long as payments are directly made to the hospital.

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Fund-raising, particularly on social media, without an agreement with an official charity is against the law in the UAE.

We are happy to know that the twins have already been released from the hospital. Now, we hope that they would continue to grow up and be strong – thanks to kind-hearted people such as Mr Hassan Fardan Al Fardan, who made the effort to help the couple during one of their distressing moments in life.

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