Can I File for UAE Amnesty if I Have a Loan or Police Case?

Through the UAE amnesty program, those who have overstayed their visas have a chance to exit the country without getting an entry ban or paying any fines. Alternatively, if they wish to stay and look for a new job in the UAE, they may apply for a six-month temporary visa.

However, what if the visa violator has a pending loan or police case in the country? Will this make him or her eligible for amnesty? In today’s article, we shall feature the answer to this question, based on the FAQs on UAE amnesty released by the Philippine Embassy earlier.


Does UAE Amnesty Cover Expats w/ Legal Cases?

Recently, we have received a lot of questions regarding the UAE amnesty program. One of the most common questions concerns expats who have pending cases, whether these are financial cases (e.g. credit card debt, unpaid loan, etc.), police/legal cases, or immorality-related cases.

Simply put, the answer to this question is NO. According to the advisory, visa violators who are involved in such cases must resolve or settle them first before availing of the amnesty.

Once your legal case has been resolved, you may apply at the Amnesty Service Centre in the area that issued your most recent visa (e.g. resident visa, tourist visa, or visit visa). For instance, if your visa expired in Abu Dhabi, head to the Amnesty Service Centre in the Municipal Region that issued your visa (e.g. Al Ain, Al Gharbia, or Shahama).

Opportunity to Legalize Status
Again, we would like to emphasize that the amnesty program covers those who have overstayed in the UAE or have absconded. If you are one of them, take advantage of this opportunity! Now is your chance to legalize your status without having to pay overstay fines or getting an entry ban.

NOTE: Although this information addresses Filipinos in the UAE, other nationalities may acquire some tips as well. In any case, please contact your country’s embassy for the latest updates.

For residents in Dubai, please refer to this advisory.
For residents in Abu Dhabi, please refer to this announcement.