DoT Launches Free Bus Service in Abu Dhabi

In a previous article, we shared about how you can travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi via public bus transportation. But you might be thinking… how can I commute within Abu Dhabi?

Great news! The Department of Transport (DoT) has just launched a new bus service in the capital and its suburbs… and it is absolutely FREE! Keep on reading to know more about it!

The pilot phase of the new service is set in Mussafah area.
Image Credit: WAM News Agency

“Hail & Ride” Service Launched in Abu Dhabi

The new bus service, called “Hail & Ride,” is currently on its pilot phase beginning with Mussafah area, WAM News Agency reported. Here are some details about the service:

  • Available from 6 am to 10 pm daily at select routes
  • Transports passengers from different areas to main bus stops
  • Facilitates daily transport needs of the public

After the pilot phase, DoT will look into customers’ feedback and satisfaction level regarding the new service. Eventually, they will also consider the possibility of launching it in other areas of Abu Dhabi – as part of improving and enhancing the city’s Public Transport Network.

‎#دائرة_النقل تطلق خدمة حافلات “تنقل بسهولة” في #أبوظبي وضواحيها، على أن تكون مجانية في مراحلها الأولى التجريبية التي بدأت في منطقة #مصفح وذلك ضمن حرصها على تطوير شبكة النقل بالحافلات العامة، وتتمثل الخدمة الجديدة في نقل افراد المجتمع من مستخدمي النقل العام من الأماكن المختلفة لتغذية وربط محطات انتظار الحافلات الرئيسية فيها، وذلك ضمن مسارات محددة من الساعة 6:00 صباحاً حتى الساعة 10:00 مساءً وعلى مدار الأسبوع، وتسهم خدمة “تنقل بسهولة” في تعزيز ترابط منظومة النقل العام وتمكن من نقل الجمهور من وإلى وجهاتهم المختلفة بكل سهولة ويسر. The Department of #Transport offers “Hail and Ride” Service in #AbuDhabi and its Suburbs that aims at improving the public bus network. The service in its pilot phase will start in #Mussafah for free. The new service will transport the public from different sectors in the area to the main bus stops there. The #service is available every day from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm within specified routes. It is asserted that “Hail & Ride” service contributes to the improvement of the Public Transport Network by facilitating the daily transport of the public.

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Citizens, residents, and even first-time visitors in Abu Dhabi are bound to find the Hail & Ride service very convenient, indeed! Meanwhile, in Dubai, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently launched an electric abra service along Dubai Creek. Do check it out!