RTA Launches Electric Abra Service on Dubai Creek

From buses to taxis, the metro, and tram — these are the modes of public transportation in Dubai. Recently, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has introduced one more: electric abras.

According to an RTA press release, travelers can now ride electric abras along the Dubai Creek. Specifically, the service runs between Al Seef, Baniyas, and Festival City stations.

Electric abra service on Dubai Creek
Image Credit: RTA Dubai FB Page

Electric Abra Leisure Mobility Service

Through the electric abra service, RTA aims to widen the scope of marine transit network as well as support the tourism and lecture sector in the emirate.

“The launch of the electric abra service hits multiple targets,” explained Nazim Faisal, Director of Marine Transport at RTA’s Public Transport Agency. “The electric abra calls at three stations on the Dubai Creek; Al Seef, Baniyas, and Festival City.”

“The service, which is launched in coordination with several developers and partners, offers clients half an hour tour for AED 60 and one-hour tour for AED 120,” he added.

Ensuring People’s Happiness
“Electric abras offer a fascinating sea cruise experience that adds to RTA’s third strategic goal [People Happiness],” Faisal continued. “Riders will be able to enjoy the stunning skyline of Dubai and its beautiful beaches.”

“The launch of the Electric Abra leisure mobility service also fits with RTA’s drive of using clean energy in empowering transit means to nurture an ideal maritime environment and realise the fifth strategic goal [Sustainability and Environmental Safety],” he affirmed.

If you are looking for a unique way of traveling across the city, why not try the electric abra service? Meanwhile, if you are planning to go to the UAE capital via commute, here’s how you can travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and vice versa by using public bus transportation.

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