Home News Major Brands Cut Ties with Kuwaiti beauty blogger Sondos Alqattan

Major Brands Cut Ties with Kuwaiti beauty blogger Sondos Alqattan

Major beauty brands have cut ties with Sondos Alqattan, a Kuwaiti beauty blogger, after criticizing Kuwait’s new labour laws about rights of domestic helpers. Some of these brands include Max Factor Arabia, Shisiedo cosmetics, Etude House, MAC Cosmetics, Chelsea Beautique.

Recently, Alqattan posted a video about the law for domestic workers in Kuwait complaining about having these workers getting a day off a week and the right to keep their passports. Other brands brands have expressed concern and have also suspended their work with the blogger.

Some Important Points:

  • Sondos Alqattan posted a video criticizing the law in Kuwait for domestic workers to get 1 day off per week and to keep their passports.
  • Max Factor Arabia and Chelsea Beautique cut ties with beauty blogger after her viral video online.
    Other major beauty brands like Etude House, MAC Cosmetics, and Shisiedo, have also cut ties with the blogger.
  • Khalid Al Ameri defends OFWs from Comments of the beauty blogger
  • Alqattan released a public statement on her IG page.
  • Filipino expat groups condemn the statements of the blogger.
  • Other brands like MAC, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Phyto have released statements against the comments of the Kuwaiti beauty influencer.


In a statement to GulfNews, Max Factor expressed the suspension of all work with the make-up artist. “Max Factor Arabia was shocked by the comments made…regarding the new labor law in Kuwait,” a spokesperson told Gulf News. “Max Factor Arabia is taking this incident very seriously and have immediately suspended all collaborations with Sondos.”

Alqattan has over 2.3 million followers on Instagram, and she was seen complaining about domestic workers getting one day off per week as well as workers keeping their passports.

Beauty Brands Have Severed Partnership with Kuwaiti Social Media Influencers

According to another report from GulfNews other major beauty brands have also cut ties with the social media influencer.

The blogger has released a statement on Instagram a few days after the video went viral. Below is her statement:

Filipino Expat Group Asks for Public Apology

Meanwhile, Filipino expat groups such as Migrante, condemns the statements and actions of the blogger. In a report by Manila Bulletin, and asks Alqattan for a public apology.

“We strongly demand that she offer a public apology and genuinely express remorse for her disgusting statements,” said Migrante in a joint statement with Sandigan or Samahan ng mga DH sa Gitnang Silangan (Association of Domestic Helpers in the Middle East).

“Despite facing a barrage of online criticisms and backlash from her endorsers, Sondos Alqattan remains unapologetic and stands by her previous controversial remarks,” the group said in a statement.

Alqattan Mulls Followers to Boycott Brands who have Cut Ties with Her

In a report by Arabian Business, the beauty blogger claims that she will reveal the names of the brands that have cut their relationships with her, and vowed to have her followers boycott these brands. She also mentions that this media propaganda is an attack on Kuwait and Hijab.

Other Brands Also Cut Ties with Alqattan

An article from EmiratesWoman mentions that other lifestyle and beauty companies like MAC, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Phyto have issued strong statements showing that they do not support the comments of the blogger and have distanced themselves from her. Below is a statement from Phyto:


Earlier in the year, a body of a dead Filipina worker in Kuwait, was found inside a freezer. She was murdered by her employer and was kept in the freezer for a year. PH President Duterte vowed to protect the rights of OFWs and this led to the new domestic worker law in Kuwait being reaffirmed.

Many Filipinos work as domestic helpers abroad in order to send money and support their loved ones back in the Philippines. Many household workers/nannies take care of children other than their own which is a big sacrifice considering they only get to go home after a year of work.

Having a day off per week is very important as this allows workers to live their lives outside their jobs. To communicate with their loved ones and to just be human.

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