Applying for a New Visa? Follow this Timeline

Following the announcement of the UAE Cabinet this weekend regarding the amended grace period for all residents, the ICA has clarified that the dates for which you can apply for renewal depending on when your visa expired.

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The timeline includes information for expired residency visas and Emirates IDs.

uae visa timeline

ICA Announces Timeline for Visa Application 

In a statement, the UAE Cabinet announcement: “All the decisions related to the residency of expatriates, visas, entry permits and ID cards are stopped with effect from July 11, while the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) has been assigned to start collecting the fees due for providing the services from July 12.”

Starting July 12, the process for renewing visas begins again. The dates for which the ICA will begin arranging new visas and Emirates ID are as follows:

  • Documents expired in March and April 2020: Submit renewal requests from July 12
  • Documents expired in May 2020: Submit renewal requests from August 11
  • Documents expired in June 2020: Submit renewal requests from September 10
  • Documents expired after July 11, 2020: Submit renewal requests thereafter

Meanwhile, Emiratis, GCC citizens, and residents (who spent less than six months outside the country) are given a grace period of 1 month effective from the date of entering the country to renew their documents.

Emiratis, GCC citizens, and residents in the country are given a grace period of 3 months for the renewal of their documents.

And with the amendment of the grace period for the application and renewal of documents, administrative fees and fines will be issued to those who fail to comply within the set deadlines for the renewal of documents.

In line with this announcement, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is reminding all Dubai citizens and returning residents to wear a face mask at all times as part of the new normal in living in the UAE.

Failure to comply with existing rules on public safety during the pandemic will be grounds for different kinds of fines ranging between AED 2,000 to AED 10,000.

Also, the UAE Public Prosecution has recently launched a campaign that publicly identifies and “shames” violators of rules and regulations on the use of masks, gathering in groups, and going outside beyond curfew hours.  

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