VIDEO: Nas Daily shares experience visiting Dubai

UAE is one of the first countries in the world that opened for tourism. Nuseir Yassin, also known as Nas Daily, together with partner Alyne Tamir, recently posted a video about visiting Dubai as tourists.

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Nas is a popular video content creator that posts quick explainer videos on Facebook. He recently shared a video they made about travelling to the UAE and doing famous Dubai attractions amid the precautionary measures.

Dubai recently opened for tourists last July 7 and Nas has been one of the first tourists where she shared the procedures for people travelling to Dubai.

Check out the video below:

Content Creator, Nas Daily, shares safety procedures of Dubai for tourists

In the video, Nas details the set-up of arriving to Dubai via Emirates plane, getting a swab test, checking in a sanitized hotel room, and visiting the tourist attractions of Dubai with social distancing and strict safety procedures put in place.

Nas and Alyne could be seen enjoying the view of the dancing fountains, exploring the desert, going on a flyboard sport adventure, kayaking the Hatta dam, etc.

While he shares that it seems that Dubai is inviting tourists for a fun and enjoyable time, he clarifies that it is still important to be aware of following rules about safety. At the end of the video, Nas still gives a caution that the UAE is not totally free from the virus and we should all put safety first and travel second.

In a post on Instagram, Nas and Alyne coule be seen wearing traditional Emirati clothes:


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I traveled the world exploring other people’s cultures. I think it’s time to explore mine. Hello from the United Arab Emirates.

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