14 Best Reasons to Follow Arabic Singer Manal

Manal Benchlikha, a 29-year-old urban pop singer, rapper, and musician who goes by the name “Manal,” is one of the most popular singers in Morocco. Two million people follow her on social media for her songs!

The pop star is changing the way Moroccan music is made by combining the strength of tradition with an urban and modern sound, strong songs, and striking visuals. Here are the best reasons to listen to Manal especially if you love Arabic music!

1. Unique voice

Manal’s voice stands out from other singers because it has a mix of rough and smooth tones that make it unique. Her voice is what makes her different among other Morrocan singers. The way Manal’s voice sounds makes people feel something when they hear it. She can express a wide range of feelings through her music, getting to the heart of her songs and making her audience feel something.

2. Lyrics with deeper meanings

Her songs often have deep and important lessons about life, love, and society. Many of Manal’s songs talk about empowering women and equal rights for men and women. For example, her song “Taj” tells women to be proud of where they come from and to accept who they are.

Manal sings often about how important it is to keep cultural customs and history alive. In her song “Slay,” she pays respect to the Amazigh culture and language, which is spoken by many people in Morocco and North Africa.

Some of Manal’s songs talk about problems of social justice, such as poverty, inequality, and prejudice. Her song “Denia” is about the problems people face every day and the need for hope and strength.

Manal also writes about love and relationships, with topics like loss, infatuation, and self-love. Her song “Pas Le Choix” is a strong ballad about how complicated love relationships can be and how important it is to choose yourself over other people.

Manal’s music is famous among young people in Morocco and the rest of the Arab world because it has positive messages of empowerment, social justice, and cultural pride.

3. Musical talent

Manal is not only a good singer, but also a skilled musician who can play guitar, piano, and ukulele, among other instruments. Think of Taylor Swift but Moroccan edition! She is extremely talented and versatile as an artist!

4. Cultural representation

As an artist from Morocco, Manal’s songs and performances show off her country and culture. Manal beautifully showcases her culture and the Morrocan traditions in her songs.

5. Social media influence

Manal is busy on social media and often gives her fans sneak peeks into her life and creative process. Manal is seen as an important person on social media. She has a big following on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, where she posts about her singing, fashion, and activism. Manal had over 2.5 million followers on Instagram alone as of September 2021, which is a big number and makes her a popular person on social media.

Manal’s use of social media has helped her connect with fans and supporters all over the world and bring attention to important social and cultural problems. She has used her position to support many causes and fight for social justice and human rights. Because of this, people in the Arab world see her as a powerful voice for change.

6. International Collaborations

She has worked with other well-known singers, like French Montana and Soolking, both in the United States and abroad. Manal is known outside of Morocco now. She has played at a number of foreign music festivals and events.

7. Great Fashion Style

Fans like and try to copy her unique style, which comes from her personality and cultural background. Adidas: In 2020, Manal worked with Adidas to promote the brand’s new line of athletic clothes. She was in a number of photos and videos that promoted the collection. These photos and videos showed her signature style and unique flair.

In 2019, Manal worked with H&M on a campaign to promote the brand’s new line of sustainable clothes. She was in ads and videos for the campaign, which was meant to make people more aware of how the fashion business affects the environment.  Manal has been seen wearing Dior clothes several times, including at the 2019 Mawazine Festival in Rabat, Morocco. She has also been in advertising for the company.

Manal was made a Bvlgari ambassador in 2021, joining a list of other famous people who have worked with the brand. She has been in a lot of marketing pieces for the brand’s jewelry and fragrance lines.

8. Entrepreneurial spirit

Manal is not just a creative but also an entrepreneur! She is a famous musician and businesswoman. She started her own makeup line called MM Beauty which is worth giving a shot!

9. She’s multilingual

She sings in Arabic, French, and English, which makes her music more available to a larger audience. So if you’re learning any of these languages, it would be beneficial to listen to her songs! By singing in different languages, Manal can try out the different types of songs that go with those languages. Each language has its own musical customs and sounds. By using more than one language, she tends to try out new sounds and styles, which makes her art more interesting.

10. Authenticity

Fans like and respect Manal because she is real and honest in both her singing and her personal life. Fans wants vulnerability and honesty and Manal is real for this! Manal’s music is based on her own thoughts, feelings, and experiences. She is known for being open and honest in her songs, which often talk about things that are important to her and to her fans. Her lyrics and acts show how real she is, which helps people connect with her on a deeper level.

It’s cool that she is proud of her Moroccan background and uses it in her songs. She is proud of her Moroccan roots, so she uses traditional Moroccan tunes, rhythms, and instruments in her songs. Manal shows how real she is as an artist by keeping true to her roots and expressing her cultural identity.

11. Philantrophic efforts

She helps out with a number of good causes, such as schooling and helping women get more power. Manal is known for her campaigning and charitable work, and she has worked with a number of charities and groups to support different causes.

  • Education for All is a Moroccan NGO that works to help girls in rural places get an education. Manal has worked with the group to spread the word about how important education is and to help it raise money.
  • United Nations Population Fund: Manal has worked with the UNFPA to help it promote sexual and reproductive health and rights in the Arab world.
  • 100% Mamans: 100% Mamans is a non-governmental organization in Morocco that helps single moms and their children. Manal has worked with the group to bring attention to the problems that single moms in Morocco face and to help it raise money.
  • UNICEF: Manal has worked with UNICEF to help it provide relief aid to children in need. She has also sung at several UNICEF events to bring attention to the work of the group.

12. Music Evolution

Manal’s music has changed over the years, showing how she has grown and changed as an artist. Her fans can’t wait to hear what she comes up with next. Manal’s music is special because it mixes styles like pop, R&B, and traditional Moroccan music. Her songs mix different instruments and beats, which gives her music a unique and new sound.

Manal is a singer, but she is also a social worker who fights for women’s rights and equality. She uses her position to bring attention to problems that affect Moroccan women, such as violence based on gender, schooling, and finding work.

13. International Recognition

Manal’s music is known all over the world. Her songs have gotten millions of views on YouTube and have been played at music events around the world. She has also worked with a number of famous Middle Eastern and African artists.


14. Role Model

Manal is a role model for many young girls and women in the Arab world because she is a young Moroccan woman who has found success in the music business and used it to push for social change. She encourages them to go after their goals and use their voices to make a difference in their communities.