7 Beauty and Self care Tips for Women in Dubai

Living in any Middle Eastern city like Dubai, no doubt, can be a wonderful experience that is filled with adventures, magic, and mysteries of its own. For women, it can be a safe haven for beauty lovers since the city is bustling with the latest beauty trends and ancient practices that originated from the Arabian region. You’ll find the city sprawling with the best wellness retreats and spas, not to mention luxurious salons ready to cater to their needs that will make them feel like a queen.

Beauty can be subjective, but you’ll learn a thing or two when you’re in Dubai about beauty and how to practice self-love that goes beyond middle eastern books and the trending TikTok makeup trend. Here are our top 7 beauty and self-care tips for women in Dubai.

1. Always use a sunscreen

Dubai summers can go beyond the 40°C if you’re not adapted to that kind of heat. Yet, as an expat, you’ll easily experience a sunburn, which is why women or men should practice skincare by applying sunscreen that suits your skin type. 

One of the biggest myths about wearing sunscreen is you have to wear it once, and voila, you’re good to go, but many dermatologists and beauty experts can attest that you should wear sunscreen every 2 hours, especially if you’re outdoors whether swimming or sweating from your yoga session.

If you’re indoors, say at work, you don’t have to reapply every 2 hours to protect your skin from the scorching heat. If you live in the UAE, you have to choose an SPF that has 30 or higher, don’t forget to see if it’s sweat-resistant and waterproof. You can choose varieties of sunscreens, from a sunscreen stick to a sunscreen face and body lotion that is not greasy and lasts longer.

Too much exposure to the sun can increase your skin damage due to UV radiation, especially if you’re fond of tanning or outdoor activities. It can cause premature skin aging and lead to skin cancer. This is one of the main reasons why women in the middle east, aside from religious purposes, cover themselves to protect themselves from the sun.


2. Drinks lots of water

If you’re living in Dubai, hydration is a must to keep your body cool and well-nourished. Getting caught up with the hustle and bustle is easy if you’re a working mom or a freelance digital nomad in the city. But drinking lots of water, ideally eight glasses a day can help achieve health benefits from having clear skin to improving brain power.  


Our bodies are made up of water for men, 60%, while women have 55%, according to scientific studies. Be careful of going beyond the ideal glasses of water since too much of anything can be bad for your kidneys. Balance is essential, and you can increase your hydration by eating water-based fruits and vegetables like cucumber or watermelon. The last thing you want to do is be dehydrated in a middle eastern city since there are so many places to explore and opportunities to seize!


 3. Camel Milk For Skin Tightening And Moisturization

Good news for milk lovers, if you’re feeling adventurous by changing your usual go-to milk preference and haven’t tried camel milk, then here’s your chance to do so! The rich and flavorful taste of camel milk can entice you to add them to your dietary supplement even if you’re lactose intolerant since it contains less lactose.

The well-known Egyptian queen Cleopatra was known to soak in milk baths, specifically donkey, and add some spices for her beauty ritual, but you don’t have to do a milk bath if you’re on the run; drinking camel milk can help make your skin softer and younger. Camel’s milk is rich in vitamin C, elastane, and lactic acid that help keep the skin elasticity and suppleness; it’s one of the best Arabian beauty secrets you should know about. You can use milk shower gels or a DIY milk skin exfoliator if drinking camel milk is not your cup of tea!


4. Exercise and have a healthy lifestyle in Dubai


It’s easier said than done, especially if city life can sometimes get to you; whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or a working professional, putting in the time to stay healthy and look good can take a lot of effort.

In a fast-paced city like Dubai, women and men should take the opportunity to be active as much as possible, try belly dancing or stick to a beauty routine that works well for them. Aside from buying makeup, having a healthy and balanced lifestyle help expats or residents live their best lives in the city of Dubai.


5. You can use beauty oils as part of your skincare and haircare routine


You might be thinking, why would you use oils on your skin if you live in a country that always has a hot climate? There’s a reason why face and body oils are trending as part of skin care; not only do they smell good and help make your skin look good. Using oils is part of the ancient Arab beauty routine; you can opt to use oils that won’t clog your skin, like rosehip oil or sweet almond oil.

You can also add them to your hair care routine since middle eastern and south Asian women use oil for their hair care routine, like coconut or castor oil! There’s an abundance of beauty oils you can find in the market! They make your hair soft, shiny, and well-protected from the sun! Men can also benefit from using hair oils to promote hair growth if they suffer hair loss due to aging.


6. Take advantage of the numerous perfumes and fragrances

Perfumes and ouds are a massive part of Arab culture, so it only makes sense for them to use them for beauty routines. For Arabs, perfumes are a status indicator and an appreciation of beauty, from the lingering scent to cleansing their energies that help people glow from the inside and focus on self-care. Frankincense perfumes or oils are used to remove blemishes and skin scars and decrease early signs of premature aging. Ouds and Bukhoors are one of the top perfumes that most Arab people use.

7. Don’t be afraid to try non-invasive treatments

Arab women value beauty and skincare routines, which is why plastic surgery or non-invasive treatments, like Botox, laser hair removal, or micro-needling, improve their appearance. In Dubai, there are plenty of aesthetic clinics that can cater to your needs. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make yourself look good to feel empowered and confident in your skin; take a cue from Arabic musicians like Nancy Ajram or Haifa Wehbe.