7 Lessons From Millennials and Gen Z About Work

 The hustle culture is real when you’re in Dubai, whether you admit it or not, the bustling city is a business and digital nomad hub for a reason. OFW’s and expats are living in Dubai to seek for greener pastures and thrive in their respective careers. 

Whether you come fresh off a plane from the Philippines or any country, you’ll see the city is filled with cafes, museums, and coworking spaces catering to busy bees which is why Dubai is an advocate for  work-related opportunities from internships, to having the best Dubai-based training centres for personal and career development. Here are the top 7 lessons you’ll learn from millennials and gen z career coaches that will make you rethink your work habits and lifestyle.


1. Your profession is not your identity

 It’s okay to be proud of your profession especially if you’re a doctor with a Dr. on your name or Atty, since you’re a lawyer. It’s okay to be passionate in what you do and loving the career that you’re in is actually inspiring to see. However there’s a high chance for you to attach your identity to your profession, and somewhere along the lines.

 You’ll find it difficult to separate your personal and career identities. If you’re a writer or an artist, you’ll have a habit to romanticize your work and is proud to be one, the pitfall of your passion is once you couldn’t write or create an artwork, then you don’t know who you are anymore, if you’re not doing anything related to your work! Keep in mind that you are not your work, whether you love or hate it.

One of the things that can make it hard for you to keep your profession and identity separate is when society or cultural tradition  value you based on your successes and work, like for Asians there’s high pressure for children to have non-art careers like doctors, engineers, or lawyers. Know when to strike a balance, if you’re a professional chef then you’re not just one thing but you can be a fur parent, an advocate for mental health, and more! Embrace your multitudes and the numerous capabilities you can be, labels can keep you in a box and you don’t want to limit yourself since you’ll not grow!


2. Have other hobbies aside from work


To avoid burnout especially if you’re an artist or your job is taxing on your mental health and requires you to use brain work everyday having hobbies can help you stay sane, however if your job requires physical strength and labor then having hobbies can help you relieve stress and rest at the same time.

Having hobbies in general are good for people who are always on the go, it gives them something to look forward to such as drawing, journaling, collecting collectibles, photography, cooking, and more! Not only will you develop other skills but also help balance your life. Who knows your hobbies can be your next career path or can help you have life changing opportunities!


 3. Having side hustle is not a bad thing

Side hustles are great way to earn extra cash and have another source of income with the rising rent, stacks of bills to pay, and inflation in the economy, side hustles like writing or editing as a freelancer, tutoring kids or online selling products can help you stay afloat or save for your goals. Just make sure you’re not setting yourself up for trouble by being transparent with your Dubai-based employer especially if it’s conflict of interest.


4. Be aware of the red flags of a company


So, you’re job hunting in the UAE? One of the worst case scenarios OFWs know is not getting a job within your timeline or your visa expiration. When you get an offer letter, you plan to accept it immediately to spare yourself the hassle and anxiety, however it might not be a wise thing to do.

It’s best to look for the red flags in a company that you’re interviewing with from their hiring process to work culture. You’ll get bits and pieces from there as you go along, you don’t want to compromise your career and mental health for the sake of getting a job in Dubai. It’s all about knowing your priorities and thinking about getting a job you’ll enjoy and be in long term so you can enjoy the city of Dubai for a long time.


5. Prioritize work-life balance and mental health care

If you’ve been seeing the term Quiet quitting all over the internet and how its a new trend Gen Z or millennials employees are doing then its high time for you to know why quiet quitting is totally normal. Its about knowing your limit and doing what you can, not necessarily being a superhero at work or overworking, just doing what is needed but not the bare minimum.

Another thing that is important that you can learn from the younger generation is being outspoken about mental health issues and stigmas, and how they are advocating for safe spaces and getting the conversation started about this taboo topic. When it comes to work you must practice self-care and prioritize your mental health, no amount of work  or money is important than your wellbeing.


 6. Everybody has their own pace in life


Keep in mind that as an OFW whether you’re in your 20’s or 40’s and still working and living in Dubai, it’s okay to do your own thing and not feel pressured about timelines, investments and commitments if you’re not yet ready.

It’s okay to have your own definition of success even if other people don’t understand them, it’s okay not to climb the corporate ladder or be a digital nomad freelancer. Regardless of age, everyone has the right to do what is best for their careers or personal life and work on them when they’re ready. Don’t be afraid to start again if you’re on a career shift, moving to another country to study or being a stay at home mom.



7. Company loyalty is no longer the case


For the younger generation, its important for them to align themselves to a company that value them as an employee, and having the same values as they are. The younger generation is unashamed and empowered to know their value and walk away if they’re experiencing injustice or unfair practices within the company.

They value flexibility and companies that takes care of their employees welfare, they value work life balance and therefore you can also have the kind of mindset they have which all stems from self-love and not staying in toxic work places. Of course its never easy to walk away from a toxic job especially if you have bills to pay, but having a contingency plan, and by having  a community, you can easily network and get a better job.