Best Dubai-based Training Centres You Should Enroll to Upskill

Studying abroad has become a dream for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in a new environment and culture. If you’re in Dubai to work or study, you’ve come to the right place since it’s also home to the best universities and internationally accredited training centres that will ignite your passion for learning. Whether you want to learn the Arabic language or in digital marketing, Dubai can help you learn and grow from its cultural centres, tourist attractions, and libraries; it’s a place where you can upskill and be the best version of yourself.

If you’ve been in Dubai for quite a while, then you know how fast-paced and competitive the city is, so you should invest in short courses or further your studies that will add an edge to your credentials. There’s a saying you’re as good as your last performance, which is why your curiosity and thirst for knowledge will help your career progress in the long run. Here are the top Dubai-based training centres you should enroll in.

1. Filipino Institute

Filipino Institute is one of the best training institutes in Dubai; the best part is it’s available not only in the city but also in other Gulf countries like Qatar and Bahrain. You can find plenty of branches of the Filipino Institute from Satwa to Al Rigga. Contrary to its name, it’s not just open to Filipinos in the city but all nationalities as well.

The Filipino Institute was founded by Gabriel John Rimando, a successful photographer in Dubai; he started the institute as a social enterprise to empower OFWs abroad through education. Since 2015, it has grown tremendously as a chain of schools. You can study various short courses in F.I.from caregiver to the Arabic language. 

Their certification courses have attestation from the KHDA and MOFA. They also offer professional diplomas that are London-based accredited and preparatory classes for OFWs with children. Stay tuned for F.I.’s bachelor’s degree programs and K-12 programs since they will help OFWs who want to be with their children in the city without needing to be separated from their studies. They also offer free online courses on their website that learners can take advantage of and get an attested certificate once completed.


2. FilBrit Training Centre

Another runner-up for OFWs or anyone who wants to learn something new or upskill should consider studying at FilBrit Training Centre. They offer various short courses such as culinary, dressmaking, accounting, marketing, and more! They have a branch located in Al Bada’a. 

FilBrit started in 2016 to provide education and opportunities to various professionals and companies, and they are fully licensed by DED and KHDA. They also have international partnerships like the British Council, TESDA, and Highfield International.


3. Emirates Education Centre

Emirates Education Centre is a homegrown training centre you should consider since it has been running since 1993. It’s one of the oldest education centres in the city and has produced graduates that are one of the best. Just like other training centres in the city, it’s also HDA accredited, and its courses are internationally recognized.

The Emirates Education Centre is focused on empowering its students to learn new things, upskill and apply real-life techniques than theories. They follow an 80/20 method which is 80 percent practical lessons and 20 percent theories that students may find helpful in their professional or personal growth.

They offer short courses from Engineering and Architecture to Fine Arts. They also provide flexible schedules from weekday to weekend classes. They also offer online classes in which people from all walks of life and nationality can enroll. They are currently located near Al Maktoum Road.


 4. London College of Make-up


If you want to make your mark in Dubai or on an international stage as a professional makeup artist, or perhaps brush up on your makeup skills? Or maybe you have plans to become a beauty content creator in the future. You should consider studying at the London College of Make-up in  Dubai. It’s one of the best makeup schools in the city; they offer high-quality makeup and hair styling education. 

The London College of Make-up offers certificate and diploma-level courses that are internationally recognized by IMA or International Make-up Association in London. They also offer varieties of workshops beyond beauty but also fashion. They are also open to international students and are currently located in the center of Dubai Knowledge Village (DKP).

Dubai is well known not just for its luxury but also for becoming a fashion and beauty hub. Therefore professionals or residents of Dubai can pursue fashion or beauty studies. If you ever find yourself fascinated with countless beauty tutorials online and want to learn or perhaps be a successful Makeup artist or entrepreneur in Dubai like Zareen Shah, then you can enroll in a makeup school like the London College of Make-up.

Beauty enthusiasts will love learning more about the cosmetic industry and the art of applying makeup with this institute. will love learning more about the cosmetic industry and the art of applying makeup with this institute.

5. SAE Creative Media Institute

Imagine traveling to Dubai to study and refuel your creative juices. How about living and working in Dubai and finally having the opportunity to learn something new and embrace your creativity? SAE Creative Media Institute, which is located in Knowledge Park in Dubai, will provide you with the best courses from animation to film. Rest assured that the SAE Dubai has been an expert in the field of education since 2005.

Dubai has a growing creative and media industry that professionals and people from all walks of life can fill in. Studying at SAE Creative Media Institute can equip you if you’re craving to be creative or shift careers while in Dubai. You’ll be learning real-life applications and theories from experts in the creative fields. They are also KHDA accredited, and you can be multimedia savvy with their numerous course offerings from A.R. & V.R., Audio, Design, Social Media, and more!

These courses are perfect for Dubai-based creatives who want to upskill and hone their craft. Studying these attractive and tech-savvy courses can look good on your resume since it means you’re digitally competent and modern, like the city you live in.