Top 11 Creative Jobs in Dubai

When it comes to working in a bustling city like Dubai, which is now booming in the tech and business industry, it can be easy to think that only in-demand jobs are within that niche. Lo and behold, the city is flourishing with creative job and internship opportunities that will benefit artists and digital nomad freelancers. Here are the top creative jobs and internships you’ll find in the city.

1. Photographers and Videographers

Dubai is perfect for professional photographers or videographers since there are plenty of picturesque sights and things to take photos of. Not to mention there are always events and happenings in the city that need documentation. Whether you’re a freelancer or an in-house artist, you’ll see a need for photographers or videographers in the city.

Take inspiration from well-known content creator Khalid Al Ameri and other media companies always on the hunt for the best talent in the city. If you’re an aspiring shutterbug looking for muses, you can definitely hone your craft in the city by practicing or enrolling in Dubai-based training centres. One of the successful Filipino photographers and entrepreneurs in the city is Filipino Institute founder, Gabriel John Rimando.

2. Art and English teachers


Teachers’ or trainer’s careers will also flourish in Dubai since plenty of training centres or universities need teachers to teach language-based teachers like English or Arabic. While for art, there are plenty of art events where teachers can do workshops or seminars on-site, whether in art cafes or coworking spaces. If you’re keen on taking your teaching career to the next level and getting into the academic field within the Middle East, then here’s a chance for you to do it! 


3. Fashion designers

Of course, aspiring and professional fashion designers will shine in the city of Dubai- the living proof? None other than Dubai-based internationally acclaimed Filipino fashion designer Michael Cinco. If he can make it in Dubai, then so can you; there are also plenty of fashion designers with successful careers, like Marwa Sayed and Safiya Abdallah. Fashion is what makes the city of Dubai colorful and exciting; everywhere you go, you can see it’s a fashion hub in the Middle East. Aspiring fashion designers can also build their name in the city with its multicultural vibe and abundant opportunities for sourcing raw materials for designs!

4. Journalists and Writers


You don’t have to fly to Europe whenever you need the inspiration to write; Dubai is one of the best cities where you can get your creative juices flowing. Wordsmiths from all industries, whether in marketing or publishing, can find work opportunities since there are media companies constantly hiring and needing competent writers. 

Wordsmiths can find their happy place, from libraries like the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library to countless book cafes sprawling in the city! There are plenty of Middle Eastern books you can read that will inspire you in the process!


5. Marketing Professionals


Marketing professionals are now in-demand more than ever in every part of the world, even in Dubai, including social media managers, influencer coordinators, content marketers, and more. Marketing has always been an integral part of every business; therefore, Dubai-based companies are hiring marketing professionals to make them stand out from the growing competition. Building your portfolio in the city is a solid plan if you’re looking for a challenge in your marketing career and want to help international or Dubai-based brands get more spotlight in their niche.


6. Content Creator


Whether you’re a vlogger, podcaster, or anything related to content creation as your bread and butter, then you’re in for a treat in Dubai! The city is brimming with possibilities when it comes to getting content for social media or the online world. Content creators will have fun thinking of new concepts, shows, or write-ups that will help their creative juices flow and your audience be entertained.


7. Architects/ Interior designer

How can the city of Dubai not make professionals or aspiring architects and interior designers the world is their oyster? Stunning skyscrapers like Burj Al Khalifa and Dubai Museum are making the world gasp in awe. With the ongoing projects that are still ongoing in the city, there s an influx of work for architects and interior designers that will entice them to work in the city.


8. Art Directors


Dubai is a hub for the cultural and art scene; if you’ve ever visited art centres, exhibits, and events in Dubai, then you’ll know there’s a place for art directors, artists, or any creatives wanting to make a name for themselves in the city. Art is also flourishing in the city expats, and local artists usually collaborate to help make the art scene in the city more diverse and synergetic. For artists or project managers keen on entering the world of crypto art, Dubai is also a perfect place to do business with the budding crypto and bitcoin industry.


9. Web Developers


Web developers who love designing websites as freelancers or in-house can also practice their field in the city. Dubai-based corporations and clients are constantly looking for the best web developers. Web developers in the city can work in countless coworking spaces or cafes for them to work on their projects. Dubai is perfect for those who want to hone their tech or web-based skills with the growing tech and business scene.


10. Makeup artists or beauty entrepreneurs

Professional makeup artists or beauty entrepreneurs can take inspiration from beauty moguls like Huda Kattan or Zareen Shah, who have made it in Dubai. The city is perfect for beauty lovers of the diverse and highly energetic beauty scene from countless beauty events and makeup schools, Sephora Middle east being the leading beauty store. Makeup artists can have the chance to build their clientele and work on their makeup skills with an international audience. For beauty entrepreneurs with a growing business industry in the city, you can tap into the beauty market and cater to a diverse audience.


11. Game Developers 


Game developers will find new career opportunities with the rising success of mobile gaming in the MENA region. Game developers who want to launch games that will enthrall Dubai-based audiences to a new level, then here’s your opportunity!