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News and updates on what’s happening in Dubai. Announcements and important information about the emirate that the residents should be aware of. Here we share current events and advisories, as well as trends for your reference.

Now, Apply for a 6-month, Multiple-Entry Visit Visa Outside UAE

Visiting the UAE has gotten so much easier nowadays as the government, through its relevant departments, is now offering easier and simpler visa application schemes with the aim of attracting many eligible nationals to visit (if not to entirely stay in) the UAE, and in one way or another contribute to its rapidly growing economy… Read more

RTA Announces Launch of New WhatsApp Service

With businesses adopting digital platforms, entities are moving towards digital services despite the risks that come along with them, in favour of the accessibility and convenience they bring. Interestingly, what started as tools for personal use and communication are now also being developed to cater to businesses and even government entities. It’s interesting to find… Read more

Woman Offers AED 10 Massage, Attacks and Robs Man of AED 37,000

The UAE may be a place with plenty of opportunities, but not everyone who come here earn a living by means of having a decent job. There are still others who make a living off other people’s troubles or problems – such as thieves, and online scammers. Most of the time, these illegal activities cannot… Read more

Gov’t Adopts Salary Requirement for Female Expats to Sponsor Family in UAE

For foreign nationals planning to bring their family here in the UAE, it pays to note that the government has adopted certain changes to the requirements for this purpose, regardless of the applicant’s gender or status. The move can be seen as a more inclusive approach, moving away from typical gender stereotypes, which no longer… Read more

Catch FREE Bus Tours to Expo 2020 Site bet. July 20 - Aug 31

Can’t wait to see what the Expo 2020 Dubai site looks like? Well, now is your chance, because there’s going to be a bus tour providing sneak previews… and it’s free! Yay! ALSO READ: Pavilion Designs of Different Countries at Expo 2020 Dubai From July 20 to August 31 this year, Expo 2020 Dubai is inviting everyone… Read more

abu dhabi bus crash

DUBAI – 52 people returning from pilgrimage in Makkah were saved after their bus crashed in Abu Dhabi on July 16, 2019 – Tuesday. Recently, there was a bus accident that occured in Dubai. According to a post Abu Dhabi Police, the bus was travelling back to Oman from Makkah when it crashed into a… Read more

The Louvre in Abu Dhabi to Offer Night Kayaking this Summer

Summer time in the UAE may not be the most pleasant in terms of comfort and temperature levels, but other than this, there is much to see and experience for every type of visitor, whether local or foreigner, if you just know where to look in your area or place of residence. In Abu Dhabi,… Read more

How to Apply for FREE 30-Day Alcohol License for Tourists

For tourists visiting Dubai, there are certain things that you need to understand first before you go about your daily lives in the city. Other than certain rules that apply to Muslim countries, there are also laws governing the use of social media and photography, among others. And if you’re one among those who go on… Read more

Up to 75% OFF in Sharjah Summer Promotions 2019 – 49-Day Sale

Summertime in the UAE is not just about holiday getaways and visiting tourist attractions, but it’s also about exciting deals and amazing summer retail promotions. For residents and visiting guests, shopping in the UAE could mean huge discounts and sales of up to 50 percent or even more. That’s really something if you’re purchasing exclusive… Read more

ADVISORY Filipinos Warned Against 33 Illegal Investment Activities

Just the other day, we talked about a “fake bank” that claimed to offer easy loans in Dubai. Today, we are going to mention not only one — but 33 illegal activities — specifically targeting Filipino investors both inside and outside the Philippines, including the UAE. ALSO READ: Abu Dhabi Police Share 5 Tips to Avoid Online… Read more

BEWARE Fake Bank Claims to Offer Easy Loans in Dubai

Earlier this year, the public was warned about a scam that offered to give flight tickets in exchange for taking surveys. Recently, there’s another scam going around… this time claiming to offer easy loan approvals in exchange for “a fee.” ALSO READ: How to Avoid Credit Card Theft – Abu Dhabi Police The Dubai Financial Services Authority… Read more

Catch the Lunar Eclipse in UAE Next Week

The hot summer season in the UAE can really be a cause for alarm, but this isn’t everything all there is to the country especially this time of the year, astronomically speaking. Astronomy fans have much to look forward to by next week, as even regular residents in the country are unlikely to miss what’ll… Read more

Pakistan Cautions Nationals against Fake Dubai Job Offers

Many foreign nationals aspire to land a job in the Middle East, particularly in the UAE, which has been among the top expat destinations for work and residence all over the world for some time now. Also Read: How to Spot Fake Jobs Online However, getting into the UAE by means of employment does not guarantee… Read more

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