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Dubai Tips

Blog posts that will hopefully be of use to anybody who wants to learn anything about Dubai. How Tos, Dubai Laws, and government-related tips can be found here.

Where to Buy Alcohol in the UAE

Contrary to what many people may be thinking, it is possible to buy and drink alcohol in the UAE (except in the emirate of Sharjah, where alcohol is banned) — provided, of course, that you are of the right age, and that you meet the requirements for obtaining an alcohol license. Here we share some tips… Read more

uae work permit male expats

There is an update for men who have residence visas under their wives/families as they are now allowed to look for a job and work legally in the UAE provided that they get a work permit. Previous UAE work permit rules, only women sponsored by their husbands or family were allowed to get a work… Read more

How to Travel from Dubai to Sharjah via Ferry Service

A lot of people travel regularly between Dubai and Sharjah, usually by taking the public bus. Recently, however, a new transportation option between the two emirates has been launched… ferry service! It is the first marine transit line between Dubai and another emirate. ALSO READ: Ferry Service Launched bet. Dubai Marina & The Dubai Mall Aiming… Read more

how to sponsor spouse uae

In case you are planning to bring your spouse to Dubai and sponsor their residence visa, here’s a guide to help you do so. Below is a list of requirements, qualification and steps based on an experience by one of our readers who have shared their experience with us. Please be guided accordingly. To sponsor… Read more


UPDATE: Dubai has implemented new update in the application of alcohol license and has made it easier for everyone to get a permit. Some of the major items mentioned is that tenancy contract is NO longer a requirement, you also do NOT need to get an NOC from employer, and there is NO MORE minimum… Read more

7 Benefits as a Member of SSS

Are you updated with your Philippine Social Security System or SSS contributions? If so, then you’re all set to gain several benefits, not only for yourself but for your loved ones, too. It is very important for us OFWs to keep contributing to our monthly SSS as this will be for our future There has… Read more

How to Replace Lost or Damaged Philippine Passport in Dubai

Aside from enabling you to travel between countries, your Philippine passport also serves as a means of identification when availing of various public services. But what happens if you lose your passport or if it accidentally gets damaged? What’s the first thing should you do? ALSO READ: How to Check the Status of Your Philippine Passport Application Fortunately,… Read more

DHA Issues Set of Reminders to Pilgrims in UAE for Hajj Journey

It’s that time of the year once again when many Muslims from the UAE and all over the world, will go forth on a journey to the Mecca as an expression of their faith based on the teachings of Allah. During this trip, as it is basically still a form of travel, there are certain… Read more

How to Apply for a Japan Tourist Visa in Dubai

We recently shared about the sushi and teppanyaki buffet at Minato Japanese Restaurant. And speaking of Japan, aside from its delicious food, the country is also known for its beautiful landscapes and unique culture, which persist alongside futuristic transportation and innovations. ALSO READ: How to Apply for a Korea Tourist Visa in Dubai If you have always… Read more

How to Apply for FREE 30-Day Alcohol License for Tourists

For tourists visiting Dubai, there are certain things that you need to understand first before you go about your daily lives in the city. Other than certain rules that apply to Muslim countries, there are also laws governing the use of social media and photography, among others. And if you’re one among those who go on… Read more

ADVISORY Filipinos Warned Against 33 Illegal Investment Activities

Just the other day, we talked about a “fake bank” that claimed to offer easy loans in Dubai. Today, we are going to mention not only one — but 33 illegal activities — specifically targeting Filipino investors both inside and outside the Philippines, including the UAE. ALSO READ: Abu Dhabi Police Share 5 Tips to Avoid Online… Read more

how to check if your philippine passport is released dubai

If you applied for a Philippine passport renewal and have already gone to the Consulate in Al Qusais for your appearance, all you need to do is wait from 6-8 weeks for your new passport to be issued to you. Also Read: On Employers Keeping Passport of their Employees Now the question is how will… Read more

How to Write a Proper Resignation Letter

At some point in our careers, there comes a time when we decide to step down and bid our jobs goodbye… a time when we inform our employers about our intention to resign. Whether we plan to go back to our home country or find other job opportunities in other companies, it’s good that we resign… Read more

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