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Dubai Tips

Blog posts that will hopefully be of use to anybody who wants to learn anything about Dubai. How Tos, Dubai Laws, and government-related tips can be found here.

Check out over 50,000 Titles about UAE at Qasr Al Watan Palace Library

Calling all book lovers and lovers of everything about the UAE, don’t miss your chance to charge your brain deposits of invaluable information about the Arab culture and mostly the UAE by visiting the recently opened Qasr Al Watan Palace Library in Abu Dhabi. And while you’re at it, be sure to check out the… Read more

How to Renew Your Alcohol License in Dubai

As part of a Muslim country, it goes without saying that drinking alcohol is restricted in the UAE. In fact, it is illegal in the emirate of Sharjah, and permitted only in licensed bars, hotels, and restaurants. With an alcohol license, however, you can purchase, drink, and store such beverages. In a previous post, we’ve… Read more

How to Apply for an OFW e-Card

The early part of 2019 has seen a number landmark bills protecting the rights of OFWs passed into law. However, there is still much need for our modern-day heroes to understand and to have better access to the benefits and privileges that they very much deserve for their selfless contributions, not only to their families… Read more

How to Enroll Your Child in UAE Schools 3

While most expats work to support their families back home, some are able to sponsor their spouses and children to come and live with them in the UAE. If you are planning to bring your children here, then you should start looking for schools where they can study in! ALSO READ: List of Philippine Schools in the UAE… Read more

How to Choose the Right Kind of UAE Visa

Millions of passengers transit through the Dubai Airports every year, each with his or her own purpose for travel. Some people come to see the sights, while others are visiting their relatives. A huge number arrive to apply for work, while others are simply passing by. ALSO READ: Major Changes in UAE Visa Rules: Things You Should Know… Read more

Visit 2 New Museums in Dubai for Just AED 15

Among the many places to visit in Dubai are heritage sites and museums. If you like learning about the emirate’s history and culture, then you’d be happy to hear that two new museums have just opened in the Shindagha area… House of Perfumes and Dubai Creek House! ALSO READ: Dubai’s Museum of the Future Takes Shape These two museums are… Read more

Common Reasons for Rejecting UAE Visa Application

Whether you are planning to come for work or travel purposes, you may need to apply for a visa to enter the UAE, depending on different factors. This shouldn’t be a problem as long as you have all the requirements, but what if your visa application gets denied or rejected? ALSO READ: 12 Common Visa Questions about… Read more

how to check uae visa status online

In case you’re wondering about the status of your UAE visa, whether you don’t know until when it is valid, when it is going to expire, or even the status of your application, the UAE government has a website where you can enter your details and check the status. Here we share the steps on… Read more

uae ramadan schedule guide

Ramadan season in Dubai and the UAE is approaching. This is the month-long celebration where our Muslim brothers and sisters practice fasting. They abstain from eating during certain times of the day. This is also a time when working hours are reduced. Given that the UAE is a Muslim country, as expats, we are advised… Read more

How to Arrange for a Body's Return to Home Country 3

In an earlier post, we shared about how to arrange a Christian burial in Dubai, in case of death of a friend or family member. But what if you prefer to have the deceased returned or repatriated to his or her home country? What are the steps that you should take? To return the deceased to… Read more

How to Apply for Divorce in the UAE 4

Many people dream about getting married, starting a family, and living happily ever after. Unfortunately, things don’t always turn out for the better, and for one reason or another, some couples end up deciding to end their marriage and filing for a divorce. ALSO READ: Guidelines on Couples Living Together in Dubai Today’s article discusses the steps… Read more

How to renew family visa

Previously, we shared about how to renew your residence identity card, in relation to your residence visa. This can easily be done when you’re living on your own, but if you have sponsored your spouse and children in the UAE, then you will have to renew their visas, too. Depending on your contract, and as your family’s sponsor, their residence… Read more

How to Update Details on a Resident Identity Card 4

We’ve already shared about how you can apply for a resident identify card, which is also called Emirates ID. But what if you need to make changes on your card? How can you amend or update the details on your Emirates ID? Well, this is just what we are going to discuss today! The Federal Authority… Read more

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