PCG to Hold Daily Field Voting in Satwa

As the overseas election period thins out, voters in the UAE are constantly being reminded by representatives from the Philippine Consulate to go out and vote. The election period overseas runs for a month starting April 13 until May 13, when the national election in the Philippines begins.

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This is especially important not only for election candidates, but more importantly for the entire Filipino community because of the significant number of registered voters in the UAE, which are over 120,000 since 2016.

PCG Invites Overseas Voters to Attend Daily Field Voting in Satwa

In line with this, the Philippine Consulate will hold daily overseas absentee voting at the Chelsea Plaza Dubai adjacent to the Satwa roundabout from April 28 to May 11, according to post shared by the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai FB page.

As per Consul General Paul Raymund Cortes, overseas voters in the UAE will be given an extensive chance to cast their ballots as there will be field voting daily at the designated location by the Consulate.

Prior to this announcement, the consulate held a field voting at the Asiana Hotel in Deira, where a huge turnout of voters was noted.

Similar initiatives were held on April 22, 26, and 27, which also saw huge turnouts on those dates, as OFWs in Rigga, Murraqabat, Salah Al Din and Al Muteena trooped to the sites where there was a huge concentration of Filipino voters,noted by the Embassy.

The decision to hold a field voting day at Satwa was due to the fact that there is also a huge concentration of voters in the area.

Elections at the Chelsea Plaza Dubai will be held from 12noon up until 7pm every day until May 11.

As a reminder, registered overseas voters in Dubai and the Northern Emirates who wish to cast their ballots are required to present their Emirates ID or passport or any valid ID during the election for identification purposes.

Cortes shared that overseas absentee voting is being held at the consulate in Al Qusais simultaneous to the ones being held in the field.

These are outstanding opportunities organized by the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai and in the Northern Emirates to help the Filipino community in the UAE to cast their votes because this will help decide the future of the country and the OFWs all over the world.

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