Dubai Gov’t Offers up to 25% Discount on Traffic Fines this May

Under the spirit of the Year of Tolerance, various emirates in the UAE have launched initiatives that would support the national government’s theme to promote happiness and uplift the welfare of all of its residents.

This time around, there will be some kind of assistance in the form of discounts offered by the Dubai government for traffic violators in the city, under the national government’s thrust.

Dubai Gov’t Offers up to 25% Discount on Traffic Fines this May
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Up to 25% Discount Offered by Dubai Gov’t on Traffic Fines this May

On March 20 (Wednesday), the Dubai Police released an announcement reminding motorists that they can avail discounts on traffic fines during the Year of Tolerance, as shared in a report by the Khaleej Times.

According to the announcement, motorists can avail up to 100% discount on total accumulated fines if they manage to avoid committing violations for 12 months.

In line with this, the first discount was announced to be issued starting May, cutting down 25% off traffic fines of eligible motorists.

The good news does not end there though, because as motorists continue to avoid committing violations, they will progressively become eligible to avail higher discounts. Those who are able to maintain a spotless record for up to six consecutive months will enjoy 50% discount. Continue this way until November and get 75% off on traffic fines. If the streak reaches up until January next year, they may collect up to 100% off on all accumulated fines on traffic violations.

In this regard, Umm Al Quwain also released an announcement that there will be up to 50% discount on traffic fines in celebration of World Happiness Day last March 20. The said discount will apply to all vehicles fined on UAQ roads, regardless of where the vehicle was signed for registration. The initiative will cover fines registered until March 19, and the scheme is said to last until May 4 only.

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