Dubai Tram Violations and Fines

The Dubai Tram is now open to the public. This is a new mode of transport in Dubai and it’s good to know the rules as well as violations and fines for awareness. According to Executive Council, Resolution No (1) of 2014, the following fines will be strictly imposed pertaining to the Tramway System in Dubai.

dubai tram violations fines

Tram System Violations and Fines

Please review the following information to make sure that we are following proper guidelines when using this transportation in Dubai.

Violation Fines
Jumping the red light at the tramway intersection AED 5000
Pedestrian crossing from undesignated places along the tramway AED 1000
Jumping a red light at the tramway intersection and causing an accident leading to injuries  AED 5000 – AED 15,000 – license may be revoked for 30 days to 6 months
Jumping the red light at the tramway intersection and causing an accident leading to death AED 10,000 – AED 30,000 – plus suspension of driving license up to 1 year


“We call upon you all to follow traffic rules and regulations, for your safety and the safety of others,” said Dubai Police. RTA also advised pedestrians to only use clearly marked crossing points and designated areas to avoid heavy fines.


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