Dubai Visitor Attempted to Bribe Airport Officer with AED 2 Million for His Release

An Asian visitor in Dubai who offered AED 2 million to a narcotics officer as a bribe to release him, is now standing trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance on suspicion of drug peddling

According to public records, the 30-year-old Asian man with a visit visa was arrested at the Dubai International Airport on suspicion of drug peddling. 

Dubai Visitor Attempted to Bribe Airport Officer with AED 2 Million for His Release

Asian Expat Arrested for Suspected Drug Peddling; Attempts to Bribe Airport Officer with AED 2 Million for Release

During interrogation by the anti-narcotics police officer at the airport, the defendant offered an AED 2 million bribe to the officer in charge of the case in exchange for his release, the Khaleej Times reported. 

After his futile attempt to buy out his freedom, airport officers detained him and referred the man to the public prosecution on a bribery charge. 

Meanwhile, airport authorities took the necessary action regarding the drugs.

Prosecution records reveal that the incident took place on October 25 of last year. “I was interrogating the accused at the airport about a drug peddling incident when he offered me a bribe,” the anti-narcotics police sergeant disclosed.

“He offered the bribe in return for releasing him, which violates the legal regular procedures. As I was surprised by his offer, I asked him to talk further about it,” the police officer explained.

The officer led the defendant to believe that he was interested in his officer, which prompted the man to ask about the officer’s bank details and if he could get someone from his home country to deposit the amount in the officer’s account.

The sergeant then placed the defendant in detention, keeping his guise of considering the bribe. After the encounter, he informed both the lieutenant in charge and the director of the narcotics department about what happened. 

During the public prosecution investigation, the lieutenant corroborated the statement of the sergeant; however, the case file did not reveal details about the drugs for which the accused was being questioned when he offered the bribe.

A ruling on the case will be issued on August 30.

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