Video: Emirates Workaround for Electronics Ban for US-Bound Flights

Recently, the US has banned electronic devices larger than a smartphone to be carried inflight. These devices (laptops, tablets, etc.) need to be checked in to which plenty of people are inconvenienced. Flights from Dubai to the USA would be a minimum of 13 hours and a lot of passengers use these devices to make use of their time onboard.

Responding to this rule, Emirates airlines has offered a service where passengers will still be able to use their devices up until boarding time at the gate. These devices will be securely packed and labelled and will be stored in an aircraft hold.

Emirates Procedure for Electronics Ban

Emirates is doing what it can to make it easier and more convenient for passengers especially with storing their devices safely. Although passengers bound to the US will still not be able to use their devices inflight, this is what the airlines is doing as a workaround.

Video of Emirates Electronics Handling Procedure for US-Bound Flights

Below is a video from Emirates airlines showing how they are handling the electronic devices in light of the ban.