Emirati Loses All of Life Savings in 7-Minute Fraud Call

A young Emirati was left shocked after a seven-minute phone call cost him all of his savings. This serves as a warning to everyone to be cautious and be aware of all kinds of scams that take place.

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According to Al Bayan, it all began when Rashid got a phone call from someone pretending to be a bank employee. The individual believed that the bank was updating customer data and requested information from him.

Emirati Loses All of Life Savings in 7-Minute Fraud Call
Credits; WAM

Young Emirati Man Loses Life Savings in Just 7 Minutes Due to Fraud Call

The young man was initially skeptical. The caller, on the other hand, persuaded him that he was, in fact, a bank employee, the Khaleej Times reported.

Rashid declined to share his password when the ’employee’ demanded it. However, the fraudster insisted that his banking card would be suspended unless he gave his old password in order for a new one to be created. Rashid accepted and the call was terminated.

He got a message from his bank less than an hour later, saying that the entire balance in his account had been withdrawn.

Rashid called the bank, but it was too late; he had been a victim of fraud.

Authorities in the UAE have regularly given alerts about such con artists, urging people not to share their banking details with others and emphasizing that banks will never ask customers for their passwords.

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