7 Arrested for Fake Prize Scam in UAE

A gang, composed of seven Asians that ran a fake prize racket, was arrested by the Ajman Police and their Abu Dhabi counterparts. 

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During the raid, as many as 19 mobile phones and 870 SIM cards were seized from the gang members. Using the prize racket they run, victims would fall for the trick and give away their bank details.

7 Arrested for Fake Prize Scam in UAE

Gang of 7 Busted for Fake Prize Scam in UAE

The scammers operated by contacting their targets by calling them via phone or sending them text messages, informing them that they had won huge cash prizes. And after the victims got convinced and fell for the fake prizes, they would convince them to give away their bank account (and card) details and then steal their money, the Khaleej Times reported.

In an update by the Ajman Police on Instagram, they revealed that the gang tricked and defrauded many victims with this modus operandi. 

Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Saeed Al Nuaimi, director of the Criminal Investigation Department at Ajman Police, pointed out that some of the victims reported the matter to the police after they were duped.

For this reason, a team comprised of members from the Ajman Police and Abu Dhabi Police was formed and investigated the matter. The cops were soon able to track down the fraudsters and raided their accommodation in Ajman’s Al Rashidiya area and were apprehended on the spot. 

A total of 19 mobile phones and 870 SIM cards were seized from the group. These were found to be used by the scammers for their illegal operation. As they were caught, the gang members confessed to committing the crime.

In line with this, the UAE Police urged all residents to be very cautious and never reveal their bank details to anyone. Moreover, they encouraged them to report to the police if they encounter any such incident.

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