3 Men who Impersonated Dubai Police ‘Arrest’ Expat, Steal AED 55,000

Three Pakistanis are facing charges of impersonating police officers and robbery at the Dubai Court of First Instance on Monday (November 4).

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As per public prosecution records dating back to July 20 in Naif, three jobless men, aged between 27 and 39, stole AED 55,000 from the victim’s car after posing as officers from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). The suspects also allegedly tied the victim up. 

men impersonate dubai police

3 Fake Police Arrest Dubai Expat, Steal AED 55,000 From His Car

The three defendants, as per the Dubai police, are now detained. However, their other accomplices are still at large, as shared in a report by the Khaleej Times.

Meanwhile, the victim – a 37-year old iron-smith shared that he was in Freej Al Murar Naif with other workers where he was supervising some work. “It was around 11 am when I walked out of the shop where I bought some electronics. Four men blocked my way, introducing themselves as CID officers.

The victim told the prosecution investigator how the men forcefully pulled him inside a building entrance. 

“They tied up my hands and one of them snatched my wallet and searched through it. But when one of the men did not find my ID, the other two went to my car after finding the keys in my pocket. They immediately took off and left me tied up.”

It was only after several workers who heard the victim’s screams came to his help and untied him that he realized the thieves have also stolen the cash amounting to AED 55,000 that he kept inside his car.

According to a police corporal who was at the scene of the crime, the incident took place around 11:30 in the morning. 

The officer also revealed that fingerprints and other pieces of evidence were lifted from the crime scene and that arrest warrants have already been issued against the suspects.

Of note, the victim was able to identify the three defendants among other suspects at the police station.

During interrogation, the three identified men admitted to the charges. Furthermore, the court will issue an official ruling on November 21.    

In the UAE, impersonating a police officer or any public authority will face up to five years’ jail time.

Moreover, anyone who wears the uniform of a police officer or public servant without authorization could face up to one year in jail or receive a maximum fine of AED 10,000, according to article 251 of Federal Penal Law. 

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