Filipina Hailed as UAE Best Nanny 2018, Wins PHP 1 Million

An overseas Filipina worker (OFW) based in Dubai was recently awarded by a migrants’ organization in the GCC, Rise, as the UAE Best Nanny for 2018.

The esteemed recognition was given to Rosie Vargas Villa, 39, for her selfless service to her wards and for her work as a nanny for over a decade already. Villa will receive an AED 69,100 (PHP 1M) retirement fund as price, as posted on Rise’s Facebook page.

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[VIDEO] Pinay Wins UAE Best Nanny 2018, Brings Home PHP 1M Cash Prize

The members of the awarding committee surprised Vila with the good news by visiting her employers’ residence in Dubai, when they made the big reveal about her award.

And just as they planned, Villa was extremely surprised – so much that she was emotional when she accepted the award. “It is amazing, all these things happen, it’s just like a miracle,” Villa shared.

According to Villa, she dedicates her award to her father back in the Philippines, who is currently battling a sickness. The hardworking OFW sends more than half of her earnings back home to help her family with the expenses.

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Villa was selected among the 42 shortlisted candidates for the prestigious recognition. The award received over 2,000 nominations from various families across the UAE.

According to the founder of Rise, Padmini Gupta, nannies play a crucial role in society. In the UAE, nannies represent one in four women, and one for every two working women in the country. As it is, most nannies do not have access to bank accounts, and less than one percent have a retirement plan set for them. The award was established to recognize the nannies’ hard work and to create a prize for them in the form of a retirement fund, which would hopefully raise awareness among families to take a more proactive role in empowering their nannies’ future.

On top of the one-million cash retirement fund, Villa was also given access by Rise to financial and growth services. Villa shared that she enjoys her life and work in the UAE and will continue to work here for as long as her health permits.

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