Filipino Tourist Bound for Dubai Offloaded Twice at PH Airport

A Filipino traveler bound for Dubai experienced the inconvenience of being taken off his flight twice due to stringent immigration checks in the Philippines.

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Recently, a Filipino passenger was barred from boarding a plane to Dubai, despite having all his travel documents in order. This was the second time he had been denied entry due to the strict immigration regulations in Manila’s airport. The man had intended to take a holiday in Dubai and present evidence of funds in his name, but unfortunately the account had only been opened a month prior – something that had caused alarm with authorities.

The passenger claimed his sister, who already lives in the UAE, was not responsible for sponsoring his trip; rather, he had fully funded it himself.

However under current Philippine regulations, a Filipino in UAE sponsoring another person has to secure an Affidavit of Support from PCG Dubai and prove they have an income of at least Dh10,000 per month – something which this man could not provide. As such, he was deemed ineligible to board the plane and eventually left the premises.

Philippine immigration officials have come under fire recently due to a particularly stringent screening process which saw one traveller asked to produce her graduation yearbook as proof of identity. The airport police defended their actions by citing their attempts to prevent human trafficking: just last week they were able to rescue two Filipinas from an illegal recruitment scam.

PH immigration authorities in Manila have been enforcing strict screening measures to prevent human trafficking and other illegal activities. While this can cause delays and inconvenience for travellers, it’s important to remember that these security protocols are necessary to protect travelers from being taken advantage of or put into dangerous situations.

As the recent case with the Filipino passenger shows, having all your documents in order is essential when travelling abroad so you don’t run into any issues at customs. By ensuring that you understand all of the required documentation before departing on a trip, you can help ensure a smooth journey without any unexpected hiccups along the way.