2 Filipino Waiters Accused of Killing Fellow Pinoy

Two Filipino waiters, 32 and 33 years old, have been accused of attempting to kill their fellow Pinoy at an apartment in Al Muraqqabat, Dubai, Gulf News reported.

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Allegedly, one of the suspects used a knife to attack the victim, who sustained stab wounds in his stomach and shoulder. The case was heard at the Dubai Court of First Instance on Sunday, 28th October.

Filipino Waiters Accused of Killing Fellow Pinoy 2

Pinoy Waiters Accused of Attacking Countryman

According to victim’s three friends (a Filipino and two Filipinas), they were about to leave their friend’s (the victim’s) apartment at four o’clock in the morning, when the two suspects cornered and assaulted them in the elevator.

The Filipino man stated: “I fought with the suspects and they assaulted me because they had stalked and harassed my girlfriend [one of the two women] at the elevator.”

They want back to their friend’s apartment and told him about the incident. He decided to accompany them outside to know more about what happened, but then he was attacked and stabbed by the suspects. The victim was rushed to the nearest hospital.

Fortunately, the victim survived the attack and gave his testimony: “My friends came to visit me and when they walked out at 4am, they returned a few minutes later. They told me that the two suspects had assaulted them. When I went out with them to check what had happened, I had a fight with them. They stabbed me with a knife and tried to kill me.

Based on the charges sheet, prosecutors stated that the 33-year-old suspect cornered the victim, while the 32-year-old stabbed him in his stomach and shoulder.

Despite the testimonies of the victim and his friends, the two suspects pleaded not guilty. “I acted in self-defence,” the 32-year old argued. “He attacked me first and I defended myself.”

The case was heard before presiding judge Mohammad Jamal, who will hand out a judgement on 13th November.

Truly, it is dismaying to hear about our fellow Pinoys getting involved in such incidents. We should always act responsibly and be careful with our actions! Moreover, we should keep in mind these safety reminders for Filipinos in the UAE as shared by Dubai Police.