Honest Indian Finds 100,000 AED and Surrenders it to Authorities

An Indian found over 100,000 AED on the street and surrenders it to Sharjah Police. This is an action worth praising and authorities have just done that. In a post from the Instagram account of the Sharjah Police Department (@shjpolice), the Indian man named Mr. Surra Doyle, has been awarded for his honesty.

While the UAE is known to be a country where honesty and security is practiced, it’s still wonderful news when we here about it firsthand, especially with the rising cost of living nowadays.

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Below is the photo honoring Mr. Surra posted on the official IG account of Sharjah Police (@shjpolice):


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Indian Surrenders Money worth 100,000 AED to Sharjah Police

Brigadier General Dr. Khalifa Kalendar, Director of the Sharjah Police Department, praised the actions of Mr. Surra Doyle. He stressed that the Sharjah Police is keen to honor the collaborators in appreciation of their sincere efforts in the service of the community, where their behavior reflects a high moral approach is a model to follow.

This positive news is very much welcomed as it motivates people to contribute and support the security system, to which is part of the role of every individual to have a more secure society.

These random acts of kindness and news in the emirate are surely worth highlighting. We hope that everyone who reads this will be reminded of being honest at all times.

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