Wallet Test: How Honest is Dubai?

If a stranger dropped his wallet on the street and nobody noticed except you — what would you do? Would you return it, or would you slip it into your pocket while no one is looking?!

This scenario was the basis of a social experiment done by Trollstation. They captured a video of a man who intentionally drops his wallet along the streets of Dubai. How did the people around him react? Or better yet… how honest is Dubai? Keep on reading to find out!

Screenshot from Trollstation’s video on YouTube

Social Experiment: Would You Steal in Dubai?

The video shows a foreign man dropping his wallet in different settings — along a busy street, inside a building, while crossing the road. What happens next? A passerby gets his attention, then points to his wallet or picks it up and returns it to him… each and every time!

That’s right! Whether the person who noticed the wallet is a man, woman, wearing a suit or a local garb — he/she pointed to the man’s wallet almost as soon as he dropped it!

Screenshot from Trollstation’s video on YouTube

Expressing his thanks, the man said that if he dropped his wallet in another country, no one would return it. In one instance, he even offered to give money to the person who saw his wallet — but the man refused! He was not only honest, but needed no “reward” as well!

Towards the end of the video, it was mentioned that the man dropped his wallet 45 times in different places across Dubai. And every single time… the wallet was returned!

Here is the video featured by Trollstation on YouTube:

The simple gesture of pointing to or returning a wallet indicates that Dubai residents rate high on the honesty scale. Videos such as these make us proud to be part of this city! Meanwhile check out another video, this time made by Emirati Blogger Khalid Al Ameri. In this video, he talks about his visit to the Philippines and tries to answer the question: Why Do Filipinos Smile?

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